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    Hi all, new to the forum. Been ‘listening’ for a few months now and really opened my ears and eyes to Doctor Who and the circles within circles that this divine show creates for us. Also very in awe of the regulars, they see so much, the connections and references to plots and other episodes–love it. Just a grasshopper here. Thank you for being…[Read more]

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    Hi all,

    Would the cloister bell ringing as they were looking over the Doctor (bringing him inside from Col Pink’s craft) mean that whatever is the ‘hidden’ entity is malignant?

    Long been a fan of this terrific forum, just now feeling brave enough to ask a question. Everyone is so well grounded in Who lore, it’s quite intimidating. Thankfully…[Read more]

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    OK, need to watch that again and again. What a fantastic episode! Scared spitless and lots for me to ponder upon

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    And I’m watching this; home; alone; in the dark. . .

    {Racing to put on the lights during this commercial break. Yikes}


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