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    Wow, is this the first ever instance of timelord regeneration gender-hop? I’m not sure.

    It’s actually long-established canon that Time Lords can change gender on regeneration. Look up e.g. “The Corsair”.

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    I am, for example, completely certain that there were no Daleks in World War Two. Rose hanging off a barrage balloon is just about possible, but Daleks in the War Rooms – and Spitfires able to cope with vacuum? Nope.
    Similarly, Reg in The Doctor, Widow, Wardrobe is flying a model of Lancaster bomber which hadn’t yet been bui…

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    On another note: Doctor Who is not hard scifi. The facts of the real world are no more than props and devices. For example, in the real world, the moon actually masses in at something over 50 TRILLION tons, meaning that a space critter coming in at a few billion isn’t going to change gravity a wit’s worth of notice. But that’s OK with…

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    Some of it is downright squirm-worthy. Especially, when Clara – who’s supposed to be a strong woman (and was in the Matt Smith episodes) lies to Danny. My wife and I were so relieved when she finally fessed up and made things honest between she, Danny and the Doctor. We loved the relationship bits in the Moon episode.
    But now we’…

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  • @janetteB

    What Danny is grappling to understand is that her relationship with the Doctor is not romantic.

    I agree with the rest of your analysis, and I too don’t dislike Danny, but I can’t see that. On the contrary, he seems to understand better than Clara herself does that her relationship with the Doctor is not romantic.
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    Don’t really see why people generally find it easier to suspend disbelief for a teleporting mummy on the Orient Express (IN SPACE!!) than for the moon’s an egg scenario, but happy people are generally on board for this epi 🙂

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    I find the conversation at the end about addiction strange, because they both seem to have forgotten about the fact that the Doctor did give up traveling for ages and ages –

    But the conversation wasn’t really about the Doctor. Clara tried to make it look like she was talking about him when she brought the subject up, but actually t…[Read more]

  • Really enjoyed this one. Makes up for the dubious handwavey technobabble of last week. As Arthur C Clarke said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”, so if you want the science to appear far in advance of what we have today then it should be presented as magic. Attempting to explain the trick (midichlorians,…[Read more]

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    I was very keen on planetary science as a schoolchild. Most of what I was taught? Completely wrong.

    OK there’s no jungles on Venus, but science never said there were, only that there might be, and pulp SF ran with that. And there are no canals on Mars, but science never said there were, it was just a misunderstanding due to a…[Read more]

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    Yup. In no particular order: Robin Hood exists, there’s a dragon in the Moon, dinosaurs were much bigger than we think they were, Daleks can become aware of their own evil, there appears to be life after death and bankers can repent of their misdeeds.
    Am I spotting a pattern here? 😉

    There’s been something implausible in every e…[Read more]

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    I’ve just lurked and haven’t spoken up about this series because I haven’t really had anything interesting or original to say about it, but I have really enjoyed it up until now. Peter Capaldi is an impressive Doctor, and such a long run of good episodes was an amazing feat, but I think it ended with this one. I can only echo BadWulf’s…[Read more]

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    So Clara-from-Blackpool is a product of the Doctor’s future. She’s either a Claricle herself, rather than Clara-Prime (and so would cease to exist if the Doctor never reached Trenzalore) or she’s a […]

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    Interesting to read all the speculation here. If I’m not weighing in myself, it’s because I don’t have any personal preferences. Back in the days before the relaunch I thought they should go for a sort of prequel, […]

  • @Brynwe – River died in the very first adventure in which she appeared, the two-parter Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead. But that was way back in 2008 and with a different Doctor, so it’s understandable […]

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    Alas poor cyber-Yorick…

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    @DanMartinUK I don’t know about being easily defeated, because having seen a trailer I couldn’t be bothered to watch the actual episode, but in terms of naff ideas for DW opponents I think the adipose have to be a […]

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    @Timeloop: Canon = officially accepted. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canon_(fiction) for details.

  • @Timeloop, @WhoHar, @ScaryB

    Timeloop: Has anyone here metioned that the Doctor knows all of his future because he went in his Timestream (same as reading it in a book I presume)?  …
     WhoHar: If the Doc has […]

  • I think my “bonkers theory” that I posted on the TNotD and Fan Creativity threads, actually has more internal consistency than I expected it to have as I was creating it, and would actually work. That would make […]

  • Yesterday I posted a “bonkers theory” on the TNotD thread, about possible background and future developments. Shazzbot liked it and suggested I should contact the site creators and request a blog, as an episode […]

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