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    Hello, all! Enjoying the new episodes a lot. And for once I have a bonkers addendum.

    If there’s a mute helper of Nimueh, why couldn’t that be Cass? Also, Cassandra is an oracle in mythology – faultless at predictions, but doomed to be disbelieved.


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    Nomination for the Fitzroy Tavern?

  • Puro, I’m sorry for your loss too. My own dad died around this time of year, as did my favourite grandfather, both heart-attack casualties in the never-ending Midwestern battle with snow.

    American Christmas is […]

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    I’m going with Missy being the Matrix (I stuck my flag in that particular idea a very long time ago) because ‘Matrix’ can be a feminine term. No reason, especially dealing with Time Lords, that the Matrix doesn’t […]

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    ThumbnailCarter Lane is really wee and twisty, a pre-1666 relic. I had no idea the choristers used to be in the hostel building, which is gorgeous:

    As to the matter at hand, I’m thinking Missy = Matrix and Seb is the Master.

  • Hi all, I think I might’ve cracked it.

    Everyone suggesting Perkins is not what he seems and has tinkered with the Tardis is on to something. This episode and the next are by the same writer, so maybe there’s some continuity between potential tinkering and its effects on the Tardis in the next episode? Perkins could even be GUS (or some kind of…[Read more]

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    Hi all, I’ve been lurking and trying to come up with some bonkersness worthy of a theory, but none are forthcoming.

    However… I’m pretty sure pregnant people who know they’re pregnant don’t come home and pour themselves out a big glass of wine (Pond drank some red at the picnic at lake Silencio, but *ganger* so…) and stand there with the…[Read more]

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    I really loved that. Generally I don’t re-watch until tomorrow so it will be interesting which things start stacking up following the application of 20/20 hindsight.

    Because she doesn’t think of herself as a person who lies, Clara’s guilty about the range of evasions and lies she’s had to make/tell to carry on travelling with the Doctor, and…[Read more]

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    Can I just say how moved I’ve been by reading all your Referendum opinions?

    Throughout the whole process I decided to do a very not-American thing, which was to stand back and let others speak up aye or nay, hoping that a few nuggets of truth might emerge by accident. My initial concern about this particular government setting up a referendum was…[Read more]

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    Another maddening earworm:

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    @geoffers It’s also obvious from the Orson Pink news footage that he was embarking on a solo mission – otherwise two names would have been on that Bon Voyage sign.

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    Really enjoyed that – sitting cross-legged in the armchair, naturally. Thankful that anything living under my bed would get confused amongst all the shoes.

    Hmm, I thought the path of the toy gunless soldier went like so:

    Box in care home->Clara putting it under Rupert’s bed, when it’s named Dan Dan the Soldier Man->Eventually inherited by Orson…[Read more]

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    I *could not* get this (very Scottish) single out of my head on Saturday:

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    To the Dalek’s body, the medical team inside it are basically bacteria. As any fule kno, bacteria can be sensed as friendly or hostile by the host body, depending on how the bacteria behave.

    Ross shot the floor of the channel the group was in, not caring or realising that it was a living part of the Dalek. The Dalek antibodies identified him as…[Read more]

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    @purofilion Missy is either:

    Missy Hyde – a splinter of the Doctor (remember, he went into the time scar, too)
    A broken/amoral Tardis
    The Matrix
    A nasty Timelord who escapes from The Crack and retcons Doctor/Clara for REASONS
    A CAL-type uploader of souls (FYI don’t much like the ‘soul’ rhetoric, I like my Who secular)

    Who knows? I’ve got a few…[Read more]

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    Hello, all.

    I just thought of a great reason why The Crack has come back – the Timelords are behind it. And if you’re a Timelord after beating the Daleks, why not find ways to crack out individually, through individual Daleks? The radiation/lasagna outburst problem would kill a Dalek, but obviously not a Timelord. Wonder if one slipped out…[Read more]

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    I don’t think of the Claracles as total Claras – think of her dispersal as links in a kind of recursive-paradox DNA chain. Clara’s mum did die on the date mentioned in ‘Rose’ as the day of the shop-floor dummy attack. If we’re willing to concede the possibility of a restless/spurned Claracle becoming Missy (which I don’t really like as an idea)…[Read more]

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    Something else I’m just gonna throw out there: what if Clara’s mum was one of the Claracles?

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    The best one of those I’ve ever come up with is Amelia Pond —-> Oedipal Man.

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    Very good point: the Doctor has aged 800 years on Trenzalore, accepted he was going to die there, and been given a new set of regenerations by the Timelords. He hasn’t been to Earth for nearly a millennium. From Clara’s POV, these events played out over the course of a disastrous Christmas lunch (and she still hasn’t been returned to…[Read more]

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