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    Are we doing a re-watch of this?? Tried it once and did not get far but might have been my frame of mind at the time. Will give it another go.



    AxisSev @axissev

    Thanks for Adding this one Jim!

    I was just pondering thoughts about Daleks, as you do when you’re stuck inside under Stage 4 and Curfew during a Pandemic and wondering if this was indeed the prelude to said invasion of Earth etc etc. I also started pondering their Civil Wars aka Evil of the Daleks and of course Revelation/Remembrance… I wanted to just pose the question as to whether there was a canon explanation to Ace’s Dalek knowledge evolving so rapidly from episode 1 to episode 3…

    The Doctor briefs Ace on the Dalek genesis when they’re driving in the van away from I.M Foreman’s scrapyard after the first Dalek attack, and she soaked up the info like a faithful companion should…
    …fast forward to episode 3 and the Doctor handballs the Dalek Civil War explanation Jensen and Co have been requesting to Ace, where she delivers the great ‘Not Pure In Their Blobbiness’ breakdown (as well providing the racial profiling sub-text that Remembrance is all about).

    Even as a kid, I found this jarring. How did Ace go from just learning about the Daleks to providing a metaphorical analysis on their internal race relations in the span of… what? Two days?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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