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    Craig @craig

    The Doctor and Jo find a small spaceship in the mound which has been condensed. After dispatching Bok, the Doctor realises that the Master is trying to conjure up an ancient and all-powerful demon, who is seen on Earth to be the Devil, but actually an alien.

    The Doctor explains that the Dæmons have influenced Earth throughout its history, becoming part of human myth, and see the planet as a giant experiment.

    The Master has called the Dæmon up once but it is so small as to be invisible. The third summoning, however, could signal the end of the experiment, and the world.

    Meanwhile the Brigadier still can’t get around the heat barrier that surrounds the village. We also get a glimpse of Sergeant Osgood with his thick-rimmed glasses. Yay for Osgoods!

    Anonymous @

    honestly I get the impression Jo annoys the Dr all the time:

    “well, it’s science Jo!”

    The Brig is trying to do his best, so as he’s your superior officer you should at least show him a little respect!

    “get me some paper and a pencil, hurry up about it”

    even if the Dr thinks the Brig doesn’t know what he’s doing, he doesn’t like anyone else criticising him! And Jim (?)  is engaging the helicopter with a handgun: “successful engagement with a hand gun is 11 feet”

    And why do doctors always sedate females? “a few hours sleep and she’ll be as right as rain” meaning we won’t have to listen to her whining and squeakin’

    Nonetheless, I always adored Daemons. Loved Pertwee: even though he was pretty cranky most of the time he protected his friends.

    PaperMoon @papermoon

    @craig sorry to bother you again, but are we still doing the retrospective of Doctor Who?

    Craig @craig

    @papermoon Yes. Apologies. Just been a bit busy this week following my birthday. Normal service will be resumed shortly.

    PaperMoon @papermoon

    @craig Many happy returns, I hope it was celebrated in style. Thanks for the reply.

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip


    Personally, I’m beginning to discover why the Third Doctor was never ‘my’ Doctor – even though he’s the first Doctor I remember. I agree that he does have a ‘nobody insults my friends except me’ attitude, but I’m thinking longingly of a cross-over where he gets five minutes with Amy Pond. Or possibly to go five rounds with Amy Pond. 😈

    I think your ‘successful engagement’ distance is for gunfights between two people, not the range at which a pistol can successfully shoot someone/something. Mike Yates is, admittedly, probably hoping for a lucky shot. But 100 meters is quite possible. Well, possible when you haven’t been handed what the cast commentary describes as a ‘starting pistol’ for your prop…

    Looking up head injuries, Doctor Reeves is actually being quite sensible. Jo’s had a blow to the head, lost consciousness and is now showing signs of agitation and confusion. He can’t get her to a hospital – so the best thing is indeed mild sedation, to stop her aggravating the concussion. It’s clearly rather mild sedation, because Jo promptly wakes up at the earthquake.

    I do like the way the cliffhanger is the Master in danger, rather than the usual Doctor/Companion in danger. The Master always has been something of an Evil Companion, hasn’t he/she?

    Anonymous @

    @bluesqueakpip I think the sedation was more in the way of how it was described; “right as rain” and all that. I think!

    No way would a pistol do anything useful from that distance. I stand by that. Not that he had much choice.  Throwing the thing at it would be more helpful.

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