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    Just watched this episode.

    Really, really enjoyed it.    The interaction between Tennant and Myles was fantastic.    Very subtle romance between them and their lines were great.


    @rosetyler I second that part where he yelled, “I just snogged Madame……”   Hilarious.

    I also really enjoyed the Clockwork “monsters” too.  Unique creature…[Read more]

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    I just finished the first series (or episodes) of An Unearthly Child.   Part 1 was outstanding and the other 3 were, although not as good, quite enjoyable.

    I mentioned in another thread how I liked these because they reminded me quite a bit of a sci-fi version of a spaghetti western.  Quite raw, ok acting, but fun to watch and a good story li…[Read more]

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    @MissRori thanks!!!


    @janetteb  I’ll certainly check out more of the original series.   I really enjoyed An Unearthly Child as it had an old spaghetti western feel to it…sci-fi grit really!!  I’ll go check out the discussion on it.


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    Brand new to the forum and a very recent watcher of Doctor Who.  I started a couple of weeks ago with Series 1, with the Ninth Doctor.   I really really enjoyed it and went out and bought a book on all the Doctors to date.    I’m starting Series 2 tonight and even watched online the 4 original episodes of Unearthly Child.   Very enterta…[Read more]

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