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    I think the butterfly/chrysalis comments are more foreshadowing for Ruby’s true identity. After all, there’s a pun everybody’s missed so far: Ruby Sun Dei.

    (For those who aren’t brushed up on Latin, “Ruby Sun God”) 😉

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    I liked this episode a lot if only for being a very well-handled adaptation of the comic storyline, but I didn’t love it the way the crowd around me at the Chicago TARDIS screening seemed to (same day). I agree @miapatrick that the streets just mending up was contrived! Also, a little of the increasingly slapstick comedy involving Donna and her…[Read more]

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    I do feel at this point that there was something that increasingly slipped off the brainpan for me with Thirteen’s stories.  I didn’t feel as compelled to pay close attention or not do other stuff while they were on like I did with Twelve’s.  In particular, Chibnall and co. never seemed to find a defining personality or throughline for Thirteen a…[Read more]

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    Hello @catymcinulty !  I’m sorry I didn’t catch this sooner — DW news has been slow lately — but welcome to the group.  I am on the autism spectrum myself and I think you will be very comfortable here.   🙂

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    Regarding the Doctor’s memories of Clara, an interesting detail in the Twice Upon a Time novelization is that regarding the Doctor flashing to his various companions at the end of The Doctor Falls during his near regeneration, he briefly recognized Clara (i.e. the process temporarily bypassed the block) but intentionally put that out of his mind,…[Read more]

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    @spacely Well all that still could happen in next year’s specials.  😉

    @blenkinsopthebrave Maybe the Flux got them too?  😀

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    @spacely, Yes, most of the universe is gone and not restored — as far as can be told from the text.  Many pro reviewers and plenty of folks on the Tweetosphere are pretty shocked and dismayed that the Doctor and her friends apparently don’t care about this (or all the species she killed on the way!)

    A theory going round is that Swarm and…[Read more]

  • Specifically, perhaps the watch can be used to restore the universe from the Flux’s damage, rather than restore the Doctor’s memories (which don’t have much meaning, or positive meaning, for her anyway).  And that could take care of Gallifrey and the Time Lords!

  • I dunno.  I keep having the sense that most of what has happened in this miniseries isn’t going to matter after next week’s finale, given how increasingly messy it’s become and how thin the new characters are.  I’ve had a hard time caring about what’s going on with that in mind. I am surprised nobody’s theorizing that the ending will involve the r…[Read more]

  • Personally, for all the chatter about the cliffhanger, I think the Doctor’s in a pretty good place at this point.

    @blenkinsopthebrave, I don’t know about Bel and Vinder saving everything.  Hasn’t a major complaint about this era been that Thirteen’s been a bit on the ineffectual side?  She has to prove herself as A Hero at some point, and the s…[Read more]

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    I’m getting increasingly frustrated by all the Stuff being tossed about in this story arc.  While I didn’t find this episode  especially confusing, I am having a hard time working up the energy to care about anything since we’re not really getting to know any of these new characters (except maybe Vinder) and their relationships beyond ba…[Read more]

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    I think it’s nice that they finally confirmed an airdate, but at the same time it’s sad to see how the nerdy entertainment crowd out there has hardly reacted to the news (and most of the reaction has been dismissive).  DW just doesn’t seem to mean that much anymore in a world of Mandalorians and Stranger Things.  And about halfway through this ru…[Read more]

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    Ugh, I hate not being able to get to sleep but I’ll keep that advice in mind.  🙂  I’m in my early 40s now but still live with my parents.  (I pay rent!)  They’ve never had a problem getting me around; the anxiety issues I had behind the wheel as a teen led us to mutually decide that maybe driving wasn’t for me.  (I am on the autism spectrum – di…[Read more]

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    I think the most depressing thing about the pandemic is that “Groundhog Day” feeling of the light at the end of the tunnel never arriving — that we were looking to move past Covid into a bearable, “background” situation like other illnesses we have vaccines and treatments for, but thanks largely to vaccine hesitancy that’s not happening.  Saying…[Read more]

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    @dentarthurdent No, your suggestions aren’t irrelevant.  I know I have a lot to be grateful for, and that I can keep my head above water with my job isn’t nothing.  The last few years have felt unusually rough, though, partially because most of my interactions with the outside world are via the Internet and it’s clear how much rougher a lot of o…[Read more]

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    Hey you guys!

    I have the misfortune of living in the U.S. and working an “essential” job, so the past month has been pretty demoralizing for me.  After all me and my family have been through — going through the illness, then my taking personal leave to better recover (which, at least I had that), getting our jabs as soon as we could, still…[Read more]

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    @dentarthurdent Cornell doesn’t mention anything about Clara’s further exploits; the appearance of her avatar is regarded from Twelve’s perspective, but IIRC he’s pretty sure she had her fair share of adventures before she died (if she didn’t figure out a way to outsmart the Raven altogether!).   The TUAT novelization has a lot of extra p…[Read more]

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    @dentarthurdent wrote:

    By the way, I don’t see Testimony (in Twice Upon a Time, having acquired all Bill’s memories) as invalidating this. Any more than their possession of Clara’s memories – which they restored to the Doctor – invalidates Clara’s saga with Me in their Tardis, heading back to Gallifrey by the scenic route. In either case, Testi…

    [Read more]

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    @nerys It could have been much worse for us.  I’m still struggling with a cough, and it will probably be a long time before I go on vacation or see my boyfriend again the way things are going, but at least I can afford to take personal time off work.  Things can change so quickly these days, but for now I have a comfortable home to live in, food a…[Read more]

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    It didn’t need to be so long.  Given how chunks of it recycled material from “Resolution of…” (as well as, as pointed out elsewhere, other “Humans can make this Dalek thing work!” stories), I wonder if the endless plot complications were an attempt to disguise a lack of new ideas for a Dalek story.  I miss the snappier conversations and quiet m…[Read more]

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