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    I think I may need to re watch this one. I was a bit disappointed to be honest. Clara has been grating on me recently and I was happy she seemed to have ‘come back’ to the Doctor but then we had to have more Danny. I just didn’t enjoy their storyline I’m sorry.  I’m hoping series 9 will be better in terms of great stories between Clara and the…[Read more]

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    He did! Brilliant!

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    Hi everyone! Thought I’d better introduce myself. Looking forward to getting to know you guys and having a good old natter about the Doctor 🙂

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    Hi everyone! (This is my first post here by the way – very excited!)

    I liked a lot about the episode. Particularly the Teller – fantastic to see a creature that looked so realistic (if that’s the correct word, given that it doesn’t exist!) and I loved the Doctor joking around. However, I do wonder about Clara…it seems like the Doctor turning up…[Read more]

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