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    Totally agree. I don’t subscribe to the “Clara Who” thing. There’s no more focus put on her, I find, than there was on any other Nu Who companions, but I just can’t warm to her character.
    In this episode, I had the distinct feeling, every time she was being very intense (“not the pat on the back sign-off. I love you” or the whole “tell me it’s you…[Read more]

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    Hi !

    Logging on again after a long time offline. Guess I’m a bit of a lurker on online forums,and enjoy reading everybody’s theories and feel I don’t have much to add.
    On this occasion, however, I haven’t read any thoerising here about something I’m 99% sure I saw happen in Dark Water, after reading one comment about it somewhere else :
    When…[Read more]

  • I didn’t notice any real change in acting in the middle of Cold War… I would say the biggest change in Clara’s character happened between Hide and NiS : she goes from being very scared to totally in control of […]

  • I think, but would like not to, that if Clara’s story isn’t perfectly explained yet, it won’t be in the 50th anniversary. The whole point of that story, I think, will be to explore what the doctor means.

    We […]

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    A french site about classic doctor who, with almost all episodes subtitles in french (doesn’t matter to me, but pretty much the only place I can find them all together), has a very nice list of three or four […]

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    Hi !

    I’m new here. Just this week watched tNotD, and realized that in France, there’s not many people to endlessly theorize about Doctor Who with, so I thought to join the doctor who forum.

    So hello to […]

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