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    Antaus @replies

    Yes, the Doctor and Rose was very irritating to me too. He’s ‘The Doctor’, not some love sick puppy from outer space. There have been many companions in the past far more developed and interesting than Rose Tyler, and he didn’t fall in love with any of them. My favorite companion from the New Who was Donna Noble. I think she was a good companion at first. Not too bright, not stupid, and did a lot of question asking for the audience. At the same time she also acted as the Doctor’s conscience in some instances when he let himself go too far. Then they got into that whole Doctor Donna, meta-crisis crap… *facedesk*.

    That’s what I think the role of the companion should be. The stand in for the viewer, a friend, someone to keep him grounded, and occasional voice of reason when he needs it. Although I have to say my favorite part of Donna, aside from being pretty, was her mouth, and boy could she have one when you ticked her off.

    @cathannabel I suppose I should have been more specific, I meant at the helm of the Tardis, not running the show. I know who Verity Lambert is. I watched some of the Hartnell episodes out of curiosity to see what Who was like when it first came out. Dated, and Old Who never had great FX, even for the time. That aside if taken into context for the era it was created in, it was some pretty good programming. The Brits were traveling through time and with some fairly interesting stories, while in America we had space heroes from the future wearing plastic wrap. They had the Tardis while we were still flying through space in a firecracker that had fins glued to it. XD

    Antaus @replies

    @cathannabel Personally I don’t think ALL feminists or SJWs are bad. I think there are people in both groups that see the wrongs and ills of society and do want to change them for the better. My major malfunction is with the people who run the organizations because from the experiences I’ve had, I don’t see them as having the best interest of the people at heart. I may be wrong but I don’t feel that way.

    I love DW, always have, and I want to see it succeed as well. One of the reasons I like the show so much is because most of the time I really don’t know what’s going to happen until it happens. How many other shows on television can say that?

    Romance: Guy meets girl, they fall in love and have fun, big tragedy breaks them up, undying declaration of love saves the day. Wash, rinse, repeat.

    Action flicks: Hero is going about their normal life, wham, bang, explosion, stuff happens. Hero has a problem they solves with excessive violence, gets to the big bad, huge fight, hero almost loses. Last ditch attack saves the day. Wash, rinse, repeat.

    Horror: Average people go about their lives until big evil shows up and starts killing people. Then it’s all blood, guts and gore, people keep dying until the main characters find a way to defeat the evil. Big bad dies in huge final battle with bodies piled everywhere, hero makes a snarky one-liner and walks off into the sunset. Wash, rise, repeat.

    There is so little variation I can sit down and nearly predict how a movie/show is going to turn out scene by scene. For me DW has always been a gem because it has the two things thing that 99% of Hollywood and most other shows have lost, writing skill and creativity. I’m not going to preemptively write off the show’s entire future as a dead loss because a woman’s at the helm, but I don’t like what I’m seeing. I guess we will have to wait and see.

    P.S. Although I mentioned it before, Tom Baker was my first Doctor and still my favorite. Even if I did have to watch him in reruns.

    Antaus @replies

    Social Justice Warriors

    Antaus @replies

    Okay, maybe I will take another crack at this. For one thing I’m tired of anyone who speaks out about a gender swap being labelled hater, bully, selfish, immature, tantrum thrower, and so on. It needs to stop. This has nothing to do with tantrums, it has to do with what’s happening in the media, and call it what you like, but the SJW are attacking male-centric roles and it IS having a negative effect on media, both socially and financially. Want proof? Look up Marvel and the SJW, they started pandering and sales tanked. They’ve straight up said it, and they’re axing a lot of their SJW focused stories and comics for that reason. The gaming industry is learning the same hard lesson as well. With Marvel what had fans so up in arms over the SJW comics was they replaced established core characters that people had read and supported for years.

    “Oh, but leads need to change because it’s modern and progressive.” No, it’s demeaning and pandering. You want strong female leads, don’t replace male leads, establish new ones. Wait, didn’t they already do that with:

    Alien movie francise, Xena, Buffy, Wonder Woman tv series/movie, The Bionic Woman, The Bride with White Hair film series, The Dead and the Deadly, The Heroic Trio film series, A Chinese Ghost Story film and tv series, Underworld film series, Terminator, Terminator 2, Terminator 3, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Earth 2, Star Trek Voyager, Once Upon A Time, The Survivors (both the original and the remake), Charmed, Relic Hunter, Charlies Angels, film and television series, Cleopatra 2525, Tru Calling, Dollhouse, Ghost Whisperer, Nikita, Dark Angel, Alias, Jessica Jones, etc.

    In looking at that I can see the SJW have a point, there really aren’t any strong female leads for girls in the media to look up to. Media doesn’t NEED to replace male roles for the sake of female role models, there are more than enough if you just look. The problem with losing DW as something with a male lead has a lot more implications than most people think. Look at 98% of male role models today, I can summarize them in two words, ugh bash. That’s how they solve problems. Men are muscle who bash, even the nerdy types serve the purpose of creating gadgets for the ugh bash to hit something, or tell him a weakness to exploit when he hits. Doctor Who was one of the few remaining heroes for young men that proved you can solve conflicts with brains and words, not fists and guns, and now that’s gone too.

    Antaus @replies

    To be honest I’m finding this rather pointless. People have their opinions and I doubt I can say anything to change them. What the article that was deleted did say, what that since DW has started pandering to feminism, it’s gone down hill rather noticeably. If you think I’m joking, look at how the SJW tore into Moffat for everything under the Sun until DW became more ‘girl friendly’.

    Antaus @replies

    I do agree DW has been sagging recently, Capaldi’s last season wasn’t all that great. However it wasn’t the actors or the acting, it was the writing. Rather than trying for shock and awe, or something ‘radically new’, why not get a better writer?

    Antaus @replies


    You do make a lot of valid points about the origins of a lot of things dating back to a time when women didn’t have lead roles. Perhaps I can condense this as well. In this day and age there are enough roles in Hollywood that gender flipping isn’t needed. As to a list of roles that could easily flip, pick a Disney movie pretty much. Frozen for instance, could have had Elias as a lead and with some story tweaks, and there you go.

    Antaus @replies

    After having a debate with someone who tried to turn the argument around on me, and failing, I think I’ve found a better way of stating my previous, and rather long, post in a more dense and concise statement. Am I against a female Doctor, no. My main point of contention is that this feels more like a ‘pander to the PC pressure’ move, than it does in casting a female Doctor for the sake of the show.

    Antaus @replies

    There’s truth to that too, the television market is so ruthless today people are afraid of innovation, so they take something that isn’t broken and try to fix it.

    Antaus @replies

    P.S. I’d have preferred Tilda Swinton anyway, she just seems more… Doctorish to me.

    Antaus @replies

    The 13th Doctor is a woman, am I surprised, no. Am I happy about this, no. Here’s the reason why. I don’t think the new Doctor was cast as a woman for the sake of diversity. I think the casting was about being ‘politically correct’. I’ve spent far too much time watching male roles go out the window for the sake of so called ‘diversity’ and ‘equality’ which is a load of horse sh*t.

    Yes I’m going to rant here, so be prepared. I am getting so sick and tired of television shows being attacked for having men in lead roles as needing to be more diverse and equal. Personally I’m just waiting for the episode where the male assistant is reminded how everything is better now that a woman is in charge. I know people will be up in arms in favor of this saying DW is about change and reinvention. That’s not what I’m talking about.

    There have been a lot of male roles being recast as women in recent times. I’ll list some as an example.

    Thor from Marvel comics is now female.
    Doctor Watson is now being played by Lucy Liu in Sherlock.
    Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica was played by a woman.
    All four Ghostbusters were recast as women.
    Helen Mirren as Prospera instead of Prospero in Tempest.
    The Ancient in Marvel’s Dr. Strange was a man in the comics.
    Ronda Rousey stepping into Patrick Swayze’s shoes in the new “Road House”.
    Julia Roberts to play in “The Secret in their Eyes”, a part played by Ricardo Darin in the original.
    The list goes on…

    I’m well aware of the fact fans out there would love to call me male chauvinist, girl basher, and a wide assortment of other names, but let me ask you this? How many roles with leading female characters have been recast for men? Try googling ‘female roles recast with male actors’ and see what results you get. My first four results were:

    Recasting some legendary male roles with female actors
    Recasting some legendary male roles with female actors
    13 Kickass Women’s Movie Roles Originally Meant for Men
    Examining Hollywood’s Gender Swap Trend And Where It Needs To …

    All relating to women taking over male roles in film and television. Has the television and movie industry truly degraded to the point there are no new films or roles that women can star in? Have the options dwindled so badly that women feel they can only get work by replacing male actors? Replacing male actors under the guise of ‘equality’ 99/100 is nothing more than bullsh*t. If that were truly the case, then why aren’t female roles that could be recast with male actors, being recast? Please, show me where the equality is.

    That being said, am I totally against a female Doctor, no. So then this begs the question, why am I so ticked about this? Because many things that were once male oriented have had female roles forcefully shoved into them in the so called name of equality. What put me off this Doctor? The word feminist mainly. Where it was once a rallying cry for gender equality, it’s now turned into a weapon to use against men. Believe me, I could cite a forum full of examples where feminism viciously opposed numerous things that would have made the playing field equal for men in female dominated areas.

    If this new female Doctor plays the role for the sake of the role, will I give it a chance, why not? I’ve been watching DW since I was old enough to know what television was, Tom Baker is still ‘my doctor’. However, if the feminist agenda begins to crop up, I’ll write the BBC a letter that will likely border on criminally liable, wash my hands of Doctor Who and not look back.

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