• I’m going to be grumpy.  I don’t like the trailer.  It’s too….. explodey and blowy-upy.  🙁

    Am I experiencing post-50th let down?  Might this be a new disorder??

  • @Craig, might you move my comment #22662?  It does reference action *in* the trailer.

  • That trailer seems quite spoofy to me; very over-the-top (or does it just remind me of an American ‘action’ film?). I will keep my hope in Moffat.  After the deliciousness that was the 50th, my fingers (and bow-ties) are crossed that the Christmas Special will be just as happy-making.

    @Juniperfish – Doctor Who and the Storks of Time!  Babies for all!

  • @Timeloop – I do apologise.   I presume since these have been released, it’s acceptable to link here.


  • @juniperfish – speaking of cots……

    Have you seen the new pics released by BBC America? Baby!!

    a cot

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    @wolfweed Yes, that’s it! Thanks a mil!

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    I have a BG question. Which episode featured the Master and an evil Time Lady? I watched this some time ago, and only have a vague memory that they hid their TARDIS in a cave, and that the Time Lady hinted that she and the Doctor had been married/partnered/close in the past. Help?

  • Some of the new images are tantalizing! The two-stream, multi-personality Doctor theory could be hinted at! (If this is saying too much, please remove)

  • I think that is a bit of Claricle re-write in action!  Had Clara not been there, eager to throw confetti, he probably would have slipped off again!  🙂

  • speaking of bonkers theories!!  @PennyInTheAir proposed *this* nugget months ago:

    But ‘my’ version of bonkers theorizing did segue to River (because of her psychic link with Clara in TNoTD, and she did follow her all the way to Trenzalore) that maybe I could be wrong. And maybe blood is calling to blood. When Clara jumped into the doctor’s…

    [Read more]

  • Oh, hey!  The cot is in play!  @Juniperfish, I may need to live dangerously and join the wager!

    Smith regenerates into Capaldi and Clara gasps “grand-father”?

    Talk about catching my breath!  What a perfect little bow (tie).  But Who is in the cot??

    I don’t think we are done with River’s story.  She may not be present anymore, but Moffat love…[Read more]

  • I am reminded, all over again, why I followed you all over here from the G.  No whingers, no moaners, just a group of smart fans who would prefer to enjoy the show, than pick it apart and complain.  Well, done!

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    @curvedspace – That article is cherry picking elements to build a case around.  They are completely discounting many examples, as mentioned brilliantly above.

  • I have a bonkers theory to toss in the pot.  🙂

    As I said on the DotD thread, I believe they are still in the Doctor’s time stream.  I think he is struggling to remember, and get Clara to remember, in order to bring them out.  In the same way Amy had to remember in order to bring him out of the alternate universe, and to “find” Rory again.  H…[Read more]

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    Theory:  Does anyone else think they are still in the Doctor’s Time Stream?  Clara was very familiar with the TARDIS, snapping her fingers for the door to close; she said the Doctor “always” talks about the Time War (since when?); and the Doctor was reading advanced quantum mechanics.  I propose they have not figured a way out of the Time St…[Read more]

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    @pedant What did Moffat say about River’s sonic? I never heard this story.

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    @wolfweed – that explains so much!

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    @pedant I also heartily apologise  for using the royal “we”.  My kingdom barely extends past my front door, and even that is questionable.  However, electronic interference in translating rogue to rouge could be the result of Clara sending a message….the Doctor is a woman!  (or a cool cross-dresser)

    At the beginning of the special, when the Doc…[Read more]

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    @IAmNotAFishIAmAFreeMan – Ha!! I hate autocorrect!!

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    OH !!! What if the Silence, as a religious order, are about making sure the Doctor never finds Gallifrey, in order to keep the Time Lords (who had committed such atrocities) out of the universe forever?  What if Elevens final act is finding Gallifrey? hmmmm

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