• No theory,  because it’s a new era. No big song and dance number to lead it out. And I loved it. This entire series has led me, as an adult viewer, to contemplate, to care about the real world. The Doctor doesn’t feel out of reach, or out of touch. It feels relatable and immanent.

    Hats and bow ties off to the new direction. I’m on board.

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    @bluesqueakpip That was my take, as well.  I was actively looking for the troll, and other fairytale characters.  Even the rope, or bread crumbs, to get you back home!

    I also think this ep is foreshadowing for Ryan’s dad to make an appearance.

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    Yea, I’m an utter fan girl now. I loved that episode! Just …so much YES! It was touching, weird, human, real.

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    I just had the biggest fan girl rant about the brilliant storytelling this season.  We can’t change the past, our hands are tied, but we can act in the present.  We need not fear the power of “kings or queens” when we act together.  There is no magic wand to wave.  It’s up to us, together, to act against racism, xenophobia, sexism, and blind hat…[Read more]

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    I wept like a baby. This Doctor, with her make-it-herself attitude, science lessons, trust in her companions, and love – yet, by golly, still fierce in protection, I’m hooked.

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    I’ve got nothing to add, except to say I am thoroughly enjoying this new era.  I like the storytelling and focus on relationships, each story offers learning opportunities,  and portrays problem solving through team-work.  It might lack the excessively complex inner show referencing of the Moffat era, which lent itself to theorizing, but I end ea…[Read more]

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    Yea, I’m sold.  I have enjoyed every one of the new episodes.  This one was scary, emotional, sciency, and funny.  I really like that the Doctor got explicit consent from the companions about coming along (and the TARDIS even watched for and observed this with that big blue geometric shape).  I was overjoyed to see bubble wrap in the time vor…[Read more]

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    @rob and @miapatrick I also thought Graham was going to drive the bus.  His utter despair standing there at the end was gut wrenching.  And Ryan, such a good hearted kid, being spoken to like that…. my heart hurt. I cried multiple times during this one.

    I am really enjoying the humanity of these episodes.


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    Better and better! Ryan reminds me of my son, I just love him.  When he was going to take out the aliens like the video game and then ran back screaming – perfect pitch of innocent little boy.  I wept when the TARDIS found her!  and she said she loved her!! :squee:  The theme of people working together, oh how we need that in our world right now…[Read more]

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    Joining the chorus to say I loved it.   I enjoyed getting to know the future reluctant companions early on with the Doctor nowhere in sight.  I really cared about them. I liked seeing the Doctor from the point-of-view of the humans. That was a breath of fresh air, and really lent a bit of strangeness to the Doctor.  Seeing the Doctor off in the…[Read more]

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    After taking time to compose myself, I feel I am missing the meaning of several things, such as the writing on the wall and the sand circle with arrows.

    I am beyond excited, though!

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    O M G

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    Creepy! And reminiscent of something I can’t put my finger on. Perhaps it reminded me of the weeping angels and the great intelligence, simultaneously. I am not entirely sure I understand what I just saw.

    Second time the Doctor has said grumpy things about humans…at least, recently.


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    Another inversion….at the end, Clara was the one operating the TARDIS controls. All the Doctor did was pull down the handle, then walk away.

    Anyone else find that odd?

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    What is that quote?

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    and that throw-away…You’re the one who keeps running away.  ouch.

    Shush…mummy’s talking

    I see family issues all over this!

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    He gave it to her when she had her daughter?!?

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    I was chatting to my daughter tonight and she proposed the most bonkers theory of all…….


    Clara is the TARDIS!!

    Clara was able to go to Gallifrey, even though its time-locked and outside the universe.  Clara wears an infinity loop on her cardi.  She went into the Doctor’s time-stream inside the TARDIS.  There have been several re…[Read more]

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    I absolutely enjoyed that! It was creepy, scary, clever, and surprising.  If I were a child, I wouldn’t be able to sleep alone for ages! (Ok, maybe as an adult, too :gulp:)

    The little girl at school who gives Clara trouble, and Danny seems connected to (can’t recall her name), appears destined for significance. She reminded me of a mouthy River.…[Read more]

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    There were no babies or cot in sight, but I enjoyed it anyway. I loved how Matt played the regeneration. It was exuberant, which is how his time has always felt to me. I do wonder about that Papal ‘mainframe’ – is this a River connection?

    It really is a brand spanking new start: new set of regenerations, Time Lords that would come in “peace”,…[Read more]

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