• @tardigrade

    Tim Shaw found a new level of ineffectiveness, protected by feeble “sniper” bots and personally able to be bested by one untrained old guy with a gun. His only significant power was by proxy, through his influence on the Ux.

    Absolutely! He was “pretty crap” as a villain. Graham and “the gang” had been to a variety of places nipping hom…[Read more]

  • idiotsavon replied to the topic It Takes You Away

    Just back from holiday and caught up with episode 9, and what a corker it was. I loved this. Taking the fairy tale right back to its grizzly folkloric roots. (I really enjoyed your post detailing the fairy tale elements @bluesqueakpip.)

    I can’t believe how quickly my reservations about this series have melted.

    Hanne: from the Hebrew Channah,…[Read more]

  • ichabod replied to the topic It Takes You Away

    @thane16  @ichabod I think you might like this one?

    You’re right; for me, this story had a pleasingly disconnected feeling that I think came with the “through the looking glass” echo — first time I felt that they dared to take off without a clear flight path to an expected landing place (except that a sort of resolution between Ryan and Graham…[Read more]

  • Arbutus replied to the topic The Ghost Monument

    @JimTheFish   I too saw a certain amount of Matt Smith, this week, but both this week and last, I’ve been seeing Davison rather than Tennant. It might be that she undersells that bright sunny aspect a bit, so it recalls for me more of Davison’s cheery but restrained demeanour. And I never minded the cricket outfit, so that may be why I’m okay wi…[Read more]

  • Miapatrick replied to the topic The Ghost Monument

    @ardaraith @miapatrick @mudlark @juniperfish: this site being this site, we were always going to find something to theorise about.

    So, my main worry is that they might try to incorporate the Spockification of the Doctor attempted in the film (I am 100% happy that 8 is officially one of the Doctors but I prefer it when we politely ignore the half…[Read more]

  • @ardaraith @miapatrick @mudlark @juniperfish

    On rewatch Timeless Child definitely came over as much more significant than at first – telling her something she did not remember, and revelling in knowing a secret that it wouldn’t tell.

    It occurs to me, with hindsight, that Chibbers is a much more likely candidate that Moffatt to take a crack at an…[Read more]

  • CountScarlioni replied to the topic Heaven Sent

    Wonderful and powerful episode. Great timey-wimey, very SM, stuff!

    The Doctor Winning: the Doctor losing has been an issue this series. My count before Heaven Sent was Doctor 3 (Davros, Fisher King and Mire) vs Forces of Darkness 2 (Rasmussen,`They’). But my, this win was a slog, 4 Billion plus years of excruciating effort.

    Is this the first t…[Read more]

  • lisa replied to the topic The Zygon Inversion

    Plus the fact that the Doctor hardly glanced at Clara in the Tardis and didn’t
    want to make her part of his conversation with Osgood. Then the Doctor said
    “I let Clara inside my head and trust me she doesn’t leave”. That felt to me
    like a very foreboding comment. Also, @ardaraith good catch on
    Clara setting the Tardis controls at the end.…[Read more]

  • nerys replied to the topic The Zygon Inversion

    @ardaraith Interesting catch on the controls. I hadn’t noticed that. Time for a rewatch! I do find her wearing the long coat rather out of character … or at least, out of character for Clara. But very Doctor-like.

  • Bluesqueakpip replied to the topic The Witch’s Familiar


    One that belongs in the BBC Spoilers section. Naughty @pedant!

  • Juniperfish replied to the topic The Witch’s Familiar

    The freaky time echo of Oswin dalek in Clara dalek was really nice. The Doctor must come across that sort of disconcerting time-wrinkle all the time, and it was fun for us to be able to experience one too.

    Missy’s daughter and the Doctor’s gift on the occasion of… was definitely an intriguing tidbit @Ardaraith ! The complexity of their long…[Read more]

  • Bluesqueakpip replied to the topic The Witch’s Familiar


    Now, any bets that Susan was the Master’s granddaughter as well as the Doctor’s? Or even that Susan WAS that daughter?


  • @ardaraith @Bluesqueakpip I think the weight of the statement “only one time that I could” and how much grievance River is clearly going through reminding him, is due to his name being the password, or key, to bringing back the Time Lords in TtotD. He was supposed to die in the Time War, the Time War that would kill millions and turn the town of…[Read more]

  • Arbutus replied to the topic Listen

    @ardaraith    Very cool theory. Those points would also support what a few people have suggested, that Clara was somehow created by or is a manifestation of the TARDIS. But a TARDIS connection seems perfectly believable to me.

    @purofilion     I think Capaldi’s accent thickens up at certain times. Definitely he played it up in the alley scene wh…[Read more]

  • Arbutus replied to the topic The Time of The Doctor

    @ardaraith     Just because the Doctor says (believes, hopes, wishes?) that the Time Lords will return in peace, doesn’t mean that they will!

    @PhaseShift     The pleading by Clara about “loving him” (surely a “LOL” moment on the other side of the crack)     Hahaha!

    The only jarring thing slightly was the voice, but we can’t do much about tha…[Read more]

  • @ardaraith To be fair, the trailer for the 50th could have just been 2 minutes of Gallifrey being blown up by Daleks. 2 minutes doesn’t give you a real impression of the whole story.

    I said on the Spoilers […]

  • @Juniperfish @ardaraith and everyone else.

    I have taken the third time-stream. As Juniperfish says, it IS Christmas.

    New blog set up for discussion of the trailer, and any other trailers that appear in the next couple of weeks (with the usual protection built in on the Activity…[Read more]

  • @ardaraith The Doctor’s cot is certainly prominent… I’m calling it – “Dr. Who and the Storks of Time”.

    @Wolfweed “What if it turns out Matt Smith’s tenure was all a dream & he wakes up in the shower with Tennant”

    Get thee and thy fan fiction to the Fan Creativity thread! What do you mean, it’s me?

    That scenario would make a lot of fans happ…[Read more]

  • @wolfweed and @ardaraith – I’m wondering about Anthony. I’ve been wondering about Anthony for quite a bit; ever since they publicly announced his existence by releasing the storyboard, but chose not to film it.

    I mean Anthony Brian Williams, the adopted son of Amy and Rory Williams. Those are very much the sort of pictures you’d expect from a kid…[Read more]

  • @ardaraith – I can’t see a baby. I can see the Dr’s cot. I can see a Smiler in a booth. It’s like a ‘Smith Dr’ visual episode guide!

    As for the other pix – Punch & Judyness is back (with a Monoid twist)! Yay!


    Bonkers theory: What if it turns out Matt Smith’s tenure was all a dream & he wakes up in the shower as Tennant (a la Bobby in…[Read more]

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