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    Claire54 @replies

    I have to agree with Charlie Hook here.  Other than the Judoon episode, I cannot work up the energy to really invest in the show.  Too many companions, none of whom impress me either in their acting or how their characters are written.  Same with JW…she’s a good actress in a mediocre series.

    I feel like there was a preproduction meeting and someone said “Let’s just throw everything on the wall and see what sticks.”

    Claire54 @replies

    Hello! Brand new to the site and thank goodness I found you.

    my take on Spyfall is …fun, but a bit drawn out and an unsatisfactory ending.  The aliens were taken care off screen.  After lol that build up it was weak.  Love the return of the master.

    maybe I’ve been sleeping through some episodes, but this seemed to be the first extensive view of the redecorated TARDIS.  “Oh, you‘ve redecorated. Don’t like it.”   Jodie’s TARDIS looks cold and way too phallic.

    Also, it’s a sonic screwdriver, not Harry Potter’s wand.  Stop pointing it like your expelling Snape.

    My overall take is, now that we have a female doctor, the writers don’t know what to do with her.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)