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    Killing off River would be a huge mistake she’s one of the most unique characters of the franchise with the right actress playing her. They left her mind trapped in a planet sized library I think someone as clever as she is would use all that knowledge and a teleporter that converts matter to energy and vise versa talk about the ultimate 3d p…[Read more]

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    @lisa I liked the river song character the original actress was great at it I always hoped they’d find a way of getting her out of the database, I mean a clever mind like that stuck inside a library the size of a planet with access to teleports hmm. There where plenty of hints that has many wondering if Tasha Lem isn’t River the doctor said you…[Read more]

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    Clara jumped into the doctors time stream how much of his life did she see how much does she remember was never covered but she saw all of his regenerations so should she be freaking out like she this.  I did like how she handled dinogirl  not sure if she’s use to being talked to like that lol speaking about dinogirl and the misses  any info on…[Read more]

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    I wonder if clara’s interest in mr pink is a sign of her departure or his entrance into the doctors world which could help him with whatever he’s dealing with he reminds me of the 1oth doctor or do we call him the 11th now.

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    Not sure about this regeneration he’s so serious,stern, and judgmental  to reject blue just because she chose to server, I really don’t like the bias the show’s writers have against the military.  Blue did prove  capable of thinking beyond being a good soldier or she would have blown them all up when ordered to. I’m beginning to miss the madm…[Read more]

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