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    my retrospective review


    opening theme it is by far my favourite opening for the show it just irrigates me how after Steven Moffatt took over he changed it over and over again

    open montage I think it’s a generally set up the average life she lives and why she would later be tempted to join the doctor

    the doctor I like how the episode was…[Read more]

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    I pretty indecisive but if I had to choose a episode it would have to be  the empty child I found it quite  intense and well done in every way but I could give credit to a few series 1 episodes for completely entricing me into the show I think the dalek is  emotional as well as slightly intense I found the unquiet dead really intresting and I lov…[Read more]

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    thank you it’s kind of you to complement me I have to say my favourite doctor is the tenth I just love how David tenant portrays the character helped by some brilliant writing

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    thanks and I hope so the bizarre thing with Clara is I preferred her in her debut as the mad dalek than I did in her first proper appearance

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    it was a very well told emotional story with very little flaws to me I remember  thinking that I could not watch it again if a new man in the role it was my first real regeneration

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    rose is a episode that will always hold some importance to me since it’s what got me into doctor who in the first place I found it so different and entraining I had to watch the rest of the series

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    I watched it for the first time a couple of years ago I think the first part has something of a special feel to it but the rest I found quite dull even with the shocking moment the doctor nearly killed in cold blood playing a much darker role in the show while Ian is the heroic one but another thing that bugged me was that susan was to much of a…[Read more]

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    my favourite companion is drew between rose and donna theirs just something about both of them that is so watchable

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    unlike some of you my story isn’t particularly interesting and I have learning disabilities I sorry if it’s some what difficult to understand  I was first aware for doctor who when I was about ten they should sometimes show it on sky and my dad liked watching like he use to as a child but I thought it was boring and to fake looking then when it…[Read more]

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