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    Rose told the Doctor that she wanted to see her dad before he died, not see him and save his life.

    She told him that she wanted to be with her dad as he laid dying, so that he wouldn’t have to die alone. When they see him get hit by the car and dying on the road, the Doctor told Rose to go to him; but she didn’t. She asks if she could try a…[Read more]

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    Two other people tried to change history and the Doctor stopped them?

    In The Aztecs,  Barbara Wright tried to persuade the Aztecs that their gods did not require human sacrifice. The Doctor said to her “You can’t rewrite history. Not one line.”

    In The Time Meddler, the Meddling Monk change the outcome of the Battle of Hastings by killing the…[Read more]

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    In the previous episode, another companion got kicked out for bad behaviour; Rose nearly became the same and so did another in the 2nd episode of Series 5.

    In The Long Game, Adam Mitchell tried to gain information from the future and transfer it to his personal timeline; the Doctor destroyed that before it could change history.

    In The Beast…[Read more]

  • Why did Jo tell the Doctor to stop being childish? What’s wrong with being childish? He likes being childish.

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    Was the Doctor very angry at Rose when she changed history by saving Pete’s life; despite his death being fixed and that he wasn’t alive before? Did she really betray him? Did she planed this when he said that the TARDIS was a time machine? Did she lie to him that she wanted to go back in time just to see him, not to save his life? His own p…[Read more]

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    Why was Rose angry about the TARDIS translation circuit? When she says that the aliens speak English, the Doctor explains that the TARDIS puts a telepathic field into her head and translates languages. However, she got furious and asks why he didn’t ask? What did she mean? Ask what? I thought she’d be happy or pleased, because it makes her u…[Read more]

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    Why did Rose ask the Doctor why he sounded like he was from the North?

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