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    Draigh @replies


    I realise there are always more Daleks (and I’m glad there are) I guess I just wanted the doctor to ‘upset’ the dalek and tell this ‘Dalek scout’ that there is no more fleet. That they werent all that superior, etc…

    And there always being more Daleks also comes from some showing up from weird and unusual places or circumstances. But in general, there shouldnt be a ‘fleet’ anymore…

    Draigh @replies

    I just watched it and felt it was a great way to close the first seasons.

    One question though I hope someone can help me with though…

    The Dalek kept saying he was going to call in the fleet…but, hasnt the Doctor just about eliminated every Dalek in existance (minus the hidden one, like the one this episode and a bunch or others). Couldnt she just have said, good luck, but I deleted your race…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)