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    winston @replies

    @pedant  It is a cold,grey day here. There is lots of snow and the temp. is 0C and I am  stuck inside feeling a little blue and not just from the cold. Then from across the ocean you have posted something that has cheered me up and put a smile on my face. Thank you as always for the link.

    winston @replies

    @thane16   Don’t feel too bad, you are not the only one who missed that episode. I have not  been able to watch it because I don’t have that channel anymore and because it is not on the disc set of the series. I watched the series but missed the New Years episode so hopefully in the future my library will get it or my lovely youngest son(a Whovian through and through) will get it for me. I hope I didn’t comment on it because if I did I was full of ….it.  I heard it was good though ,probably here.

    winston @replies

    It occurs to me that the word “companion” is a non gender specific title as is “Doctor” . They could be male, female or other.

    winston @replies

    @janetteb   @pedant  @miapatrick      Maybe because I was raised in the 70s and soaked up a lot of  hippie rebellion and dissatisfaction but I don’t like titles.  The ress in waitress and actress sounds small to me as if it actually makes me smaller than my male co-worker and I don’t like it. Women already get paid less than men must we sound less than men.

    If men and women are equal than the gender specific terms that separate us have to go . Fishermen are fishers, actors are actors, policemen are officers and firemen are fire fighters. My granddaughter wants to be a comedian not a comedienne.(that is true and she is very funny) It is how the young people think and talk and us oldies have to keep up even if it can be a minefield.

    @janetteb I am sorry about your fly situation, it sounds terrible. We have mosquitoes like that in the spring here and they just drive you indoors. I have swallowed a few in my lifetime. Don’t you have one of those hats with the corks hanging on strings to keep the flies off like in all the movies about Australia. I am joking ! Seriously we have nets we wear over our heads if we have to go into the bush in bug season.We have summer, autumn, winter and  bug season.

    winston @replies

    @janetteb  I  watch all the Who Xmas specials before Xmas with a lot of cookies and tea. I have watched Hogfather before and I think I will add it to my list.  We all need some of Terry Pratchett’s gentle teasing and silliness……. often.  Thanks.

    winston @replies

    @blenkinsopthebrave   Yikes! That does look like a very dark version of ye olde Christmas Carol. I will probably watch it but I kinda like the Alastair Sim version and  Bill Murray’s Scrooged  to get me in the spirit. I agree with @pedant about the Muppets Christmas Carol being pretty sweet and it has some nice songs also. There are so many versions of this you could watch it non stop for a week. Good on ya Dickens!

    winston @replies

    @thane16   I want to add my congratulations on to you on finishing year 12! I think that it is great and I hope you have a really good time at your dance. You deserve it. I remember when my kids graduated the dance was the big thing for them. New suits ,new dress, new hairdos. Some kids even had limos! My kids got dropped off by Dad,  like it or not. Have fun no matter how you get there.

    winston @replies

    Happy Halloween to you all. We are having a cold and rainy night here and the wind is picking up and blowing the last of the leaves off the trees. It is not a nice night for trick or treaters but a few intrepid kids showed up (parents waiting in cars) for candy. Only 7 little monsters showed up though and now who will eat all the candy leftover? As I typed that I heard the sound of a chocolate bar being torn open and I have my answer. Mr. Winston! I put on all my Doctor Who clothes and slippers and dressed up as a Doctor Who geek to hand out goodies to the totally unimpressed Spiderman, Pennywise,Hulk, 2 princesses, little mermaid and ,I think, a zombie who knocked on my door.Everyone is a critic.

    Now it is all over but the tooth decay. The jack o lantern has fizzled out in the rain and the little ghouls and boys are at home gorging on candy. I so wish I was a kid again.

    winston @replies

    @pedant   That was so sweet. To see Jodie Whittaker react like that when she sees who is going to play backup is pretty cute. Thanks.

    winston @replies

    @pedant  I never even heard about a new War of the Worlds and it looks so good! It seems to have cast the includes…everyone. I really want to watch this. So much good TV, so little time.

    winston @replies

    @pedant   Sam Cooke…………like butter.

    winston @replies

    @thane16   @pedant and @bluesqueakpip   Thank you for all the great advice and because I know you all love the show I will follow that advice. I will watch from the very beginning and work my way up through the seasons so I can see it all. I remembered that I bought season 4 a while ago so I am off to a good start, I just need 1 ,2,3 and 5 so I can watch 6.Frankly I need the distraction and the entertainment a good fantasy show can give me and its even better when you can discuss it with others.

    When people ask me where to start Doctor Who I tell them to start with the first episode of either BG or AG. You can jump in but you do miss things. “I give myself very good advice but I very rarely follow it” but I will follow yours.

    By the way, this is the most messages I have ever received! Feeling pretty popular here.

    winston @replies

    Hello!  today I stopped by my local charity shop for a look around because you never know what you will find there and while looking through the DVDs I found the entire 6th season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in a boxed set for the amazing low price of a twoney (what Canadians call our 2 dollar coin).Of course I bought it and look forward to watching it sometime over the cold snowy winter. I have not watched this season so all is good. I have only watched a few episodes here and there so it will be good to watch a whole season so I know what you are all talking about. I am hoping I get addicted and have to find the rest of the show to watch so I have a winter hobby.

    winston @replies

    @thane16    It is so nice to know that there are truly kind people in this world and so fortunate that you met one. Your friend sounds like a good person and it is sad that this has happened to her and her family. Sometimes life sucks and it is definitely not fair. Hang on to old memories and make new ones and remember the music. Take care.

    winston @replies

    @pedant  Thank you for your understanding.

    winston @replies

    @whisht @mudlark @janetteb @thane16  Thank you for all of your kind words although they have brought me tears they are gentle tears. My mother in law never said an unkind word to me in all the years I knew her. She loved her family and we all loved her ,as simple as that. We got her home from hospital to her own room that looked out on her morning glories where she wanted to be and after a few short days she died in her sleep.It was very quiet and peaceful. Up until a few months before she died she was a tiny fireball of energy who me feel positively lazy. She left us a list of chores and her last worries were for her husband and family. She comforted us!

    While my husband was spending as much time as he could with his mom I had my Newton to take care of and we ran ourselves ragged going from vet to hospital and hearing the worst news possible in both places. While I tried so hard to nurse my dog back  I felt sad about not spending more time with my Mom in law. Each would have been comfort and I miss them both.

    We brought Newton home when he was 8 weeks old and he made me happy every day for the next 10 years. This is the only time he made me sad. His footprints are every where.

    Anyway, thank you all for being so kind and for understanding. This is a nice place.


    winston @replies

    Hello everyone!  Today is Thanksgiving in Canada, a day to celebrate the harvest and to give thanks for the good things in your life. We ate roast turkey and all the side dishes you can think of followed by pies for desert . I baked a lemon and apple pie with lots of whipped cream. My boys and granddaughters left with full bellies and leftovers and I am resting with a cup of tea.

    Besides being grateful for my family and friends and my husband of 40 years I am thankful that I made it through one of the worst months of my life and am still standing.

    On August 18 my wonderful mother in law passed away after a short but devastating illness and the next day my lovely little dog Newton who I had for almost 11 years also died. He got very sick very quickly and after much medical attention he died from what we think was pancreatic cancer. He left us before we found out why he was sick. I miss my wee dog so much. It is almost 2 months since these horrible sad things happened and life slowly goes on while we struggle to find a new normal.

    I tell you this sad stuff so I can tell you all how thankful I am for this site and the distraction it has offered me these last few weeks. I am thankful for all the people here and the posts and news and music and links to funny clips that have helped to keep my mind occupied. So thanks to every one of you and especially @craig for giving us a great forum!

    winston @replies

    @blenkinsopthebrave     I am practically dying of thirst here! Thanks for the little sip.

    winston @replies

    @missy  I think that when titles get changed like batsmen\women to batters   and chairman to chairperson it is about inclusion. Including the female half of the planet is a good thing from my point of view as a member of that half and a Granny to 2 granddaughters. It is nice to be included. (says the person always picked last for the team.)

    One of my memories of Doctor Who is how he accepted and included all people no matter what planet they came from or what sex , colour or how many arms,heads,legs or lack of them, they had. As long as those people are not hurting others.

    The Doctor also seems to like women of all kinds and he trusts them ,sometimes with his life and they save him all the time. Heck that’s all Clara did! He even taught one to fly the Tardis.Maybe the recent regeneration is a homage to all the strong ,brave,clever and kind women he has met and traveled with with through his many lives. Maybe this Doctor wants to honour all those women and the sacrifices they made to help her save worlds.

    Just a thought , late at night, long past my bedtime.

    winston @replies

    @missy I am very sorry to hear your sad news. I hope you keep up your spirits and strength and that all goes well for your family.Cancer has touched the lives of many of us and I hope you can find the support that I know is out there.

    winston @replies

    @pedant   Wow! That was way too close.  I would have peed myself and then cried. Thank you for waking me up.

    winston @replies

    @pedant  and @roger429      It is my opinion that the decision to make the Doctor a women was motivated not by political correctness but by the things that make it possible to produce such a show, money and audience. The better the ratings the more money to be made. They are trying to bring new people to the show, maybe even female people like me and my granddaughters, females who make up approximately half the population. Maybe we want to be the Doctor and not the companion and do the rescuing and have the adventures and be the person in charge. Maybe a female Doctor will get a whole new bunch of people watching and loving the show so it keeps going.Just my view.

    I always understood that to be politically correct just meant being polite and kind and being considerate of everyone no matter who they are.

    winston @replies

    @janetteb   That is great, I love Stephen Fry ! @pedant  Looking her up as soon as I leave here.

    winston @replies

    @blenkinsopthebrave    That is sad news. He was a great writer with a wonderful imagination who helped create the Whovian universe.I would get into a retrospective of his work on Who.

    winston @replies

    @missy and @janetteb   My son gave me a nice little boxed set of Who fairy tales and they have stories for the 1st  to the 12th Doctors each based around a classic fairy tale. The few I have read are fun. I have read a few Who books and I enjoy the audio stories performed by some of the actors. As with most things some are good and some are not so good but they are all Doctor Who and they fill a void.

    winston @replies

    @thane16   It was funny I just wasn’t paying attention. I was up and posting long after my bedtime and easily confused or maybe it was heat stroke.

    What is a mork ? Although being said about George it is probably good.

    winston @replies

    @pedant   The little dog ( Newton ) doesn’t like shopping and someone has to answer the phone.

    winston @replies

    @blenkinsopthebrave and all.  I just realized how much I sound like an old fart. I might as well have said “cell phones are malarkey!” or “put away that dang texting machine!” or “I see you got one of them computing machines”

    I really think that new technology is great,here I am talking with people from around the world! I just don’t want to learn any more stuff I don’t need or want.  I want to fill what little brain space I have with books and memories and Doctor Who.

    winston @replies

    @blenkinsopthebrave   It has become something of a challenge to avoid some of the tech. that I can’t be bothered with. My granddaughters are addicted to their phones ,in fact a lot of adults I know are so boring now because they are constantly looking at their phones. Even sitting around a table chatting with the phone on the table they can’t connect because their minds are on the phone. Who , other than the PM or President or doctor needs to be “on call” every minute? Then there is always the person who will immediately google any answer needed. Like, “who was that guy in such and such movie?” Sometimes its fun trying to remember and it keeps your brain sharp.

    Anyway my OH got himself a cell phone and a plan and is texting his little heart out but my phone still hangs on the wall and when I go out it stays at home with the dog.


    winston @replies

    @thane16   Yes BC is British Columbia , a very beautiful part of Canada where @blenkinsopthebrave and my daughter live. Many movies and TV shows are filmed there,mostly in Vancouver.

    We watched Dead Like Me way back when it first aired.I think on Showcase. It also has Mandy Patinkin in it.

    winston @replies

    @pedant  There is a movie called Dead Like  Me : Life after Death  made in 2009 that continues the story and wraps up a few loose ends.

    winston @replies

    @pedant   We loved Dead Like Me and watched it together every week when it first aired here in Canada. Also it was filmed in BC so you can see a bit of beautiful Canada. It is a darkly funny story of a sarcastic bored young women coming to terms with her death. I am lucky to have all the episodes because my son ,who also loved it, tracked it down a few years ago. This will have to go on my “must re watch” list  for the next rainy day.  Anyone who has a chance to see it should give it a go.

    winston @replies

    @ringleader  Nice Who reference!  @blenkinsopthebrave    I have not signed up for anything yet either. In fact we still have an antenna and watch old fashioned network TV. I can usually find what I want on the internet or my sons get it for me. We just don’t watch enough TV to bother and we can get most new stuff from the library.The spirit of the 20th century is alive and well in the Winston household.

    winston @replies

    @cathannabel    I also enjoyed the His Dark Materials trilogy and La Belle Sauvage a lot and thanks for letting me know about part 2 coming out in Oct. There is a new TV series coming out on Netflix or Amazon , I forget at the moment but it looks good and I will definitely give it a watch when I can.


    winston @replies

    @pedant and @blenkinsopthebrave  Thanks for the links to all that information , like @thane16 I learn something new here all the time. I am still amazed after all these years at the technology and lack of it involved in the space race at the time.To watch the guys and one lone women in the control room using pens and paper to make calculations that the lives of 3 men are relying on just leaves me gob smacked. The odds of success on those early missions  was surprising but they did it.

    @missy   I was sorry to hear about your bad year. That seems to happen doesn’t it? Hopefully both you and you OH will make good recoveries and get well soon.

    winston @replies

    @pedant  We watched First Man and it was really good. Another movie I would recommend is an oldie but a goody about the space program called The Right Stuff, in fact I think I will watch again for the anniversary.

    @whisht Thank you for the kind words. The world celebrated this as a shared accomplishment, I just wish we could get together and face other challenges to our little planet with as much enthusiasm. Just think what we could do as “Earthlings” instead of Canadians, Aussies or Chinese etc..

    winston @replies

    @blenkinsopthebrave  @pedant @whisht    Coincidentally we just now watched Apollo 11, a really good documentary  by CNN made entirely with remastered film and audio telling the story. It had no narration except Walter Cronkite when he was on TV at the time. I watched a lot of the lift-off and moon walk as a child on a black and white TV at home and at school but this film shows so much I never saw or don’t remember and in fabulous colour! My husband watched the moon landing at his grandparents with many family members and neighbours gathered around the TV and they all shushed a neighbour who said “It is all Hollywood, it is not real” We laughed today about him being the one who started that old conspiracy theory that the moon landing was faked. Right away while it was happening in front of their eyes ,there were people who just couldn’t or wouldn’t believe it was real.

    For a kid growing up in rural Ontario ,who still had a phone with a crank , rode to my friends on a pony and who watched TV on an old snowy black and white set, the moon landing and the tech that allowed it to happen was amazing. Imagine talking to someone on the moon,wow. I would watch them on TV then run outside and look up at the sky. So for me it is a great memory of a triumph for all mankind and I felt connected to the world all watching at the same time no matter what time it was where they lived.

    winston @replies

    @whisht  He was a great actor and he was in so many tv shows and movies.My favourite was his role as the monk in Erik the Viking. He sure had a long and varied career.

    winston @replies

    @janetteb  I was a server for a few years so I know what you mean. Be invisible and have no opinions you are just a waitress. Some people eh!

    As for the issues of climate change and Aboriginal rights, I have found ,as @blenkinsopthebrave said that they are usually the same people and my opinion is that they don’t look forward and they never look back. They live in the now taking and using without admitting to any consequences and they do not want anyone to point out their behaviour. Even if they do admit to climate change then it is someone else’s fault and until they clean up their acts well why should we and blah blah blah. It makes me feel so tired , sad and defeated sometimes, so it is good to know there are others out there fighting the good fight for a kinder, cleaner future. We will change or change will be forced on our children and grandchildren.

    I don’t like to leave on a low note so today it was lovely and sunny and there was a wood duck mom and her 6 cute little babies out back in the creek. She sat on our turtle dock while the ducklings paddled all around but not too far from mom. They are so cute “permission to squeeee!”

    winston @replies

    Hi all Whovians!  They  say that complaining about the weather is the great Canadian past time and not hockey at all and so complain I shall. This past winter I was complaining about  -40C temps as my toes were freezing. Today it was +35C with the humidity making it feel like +46C or so. I have lived within the same 100 miles all my life (lets just say a long time) and as an avid nature lover and camper and gardener and reasonable human being I know climate change when I feel it. I know the people in parts of Europe are also burning up while others flood and all over the world people and animals are suffering from climate changes.Complaining about weather has become a matter of life or death. I don’t know why I rant here to all you people it must be the heat……I am Canadian and I like the cold.

    winston @replies

    @blenkinsopthebrave   We can only hope. 2020 seems a long way away.

    winston @replies

    @pedant  It does have a face and long fuzzy legs too. We have been getting a hummingbird moth to our lilac and it is also strange and wonderful. It has clear wings which beat so fast you can barely see them and it flies in and out of the flowers like a hummingbird and she comes out when the sun is shining. A very good mimic. Also the monarch and swallowtail butterflies love the lilac so it makes for great pics. Have a great day enjoying the little things that nature has to offer.

    winston @replies

    @miapatrick  I watched it and then I waited 3 days and watched it again. So good! @janetteb I watched the first few episodes of Stranger Things while visiting my son and I really liked it but I have to wait for the next visit to watch more or hope my library orders it.

    winston @replies

    @pedant  That is a cool creature and would make a very excellent Who monster. Is it a moth because if it is I am already scared.Also nice picture.

    @doctor-levina   So you have reached the crusty ,sarcastic and cheeky 12th Doctor and isn’t he great. Have fun.

    winston @replies

    I just finished the miniseries Good Omens based on a book by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman with the script by Gaiman and I really enjoyed it. An angel and a demon on earth since the beginning must team up to stop the end. It is a funny ,tongue in cheek story about good versus evil with a great cast including David Tennant , Micheal Sheen, Jack Whitehall and Miranda Richardson. The only thing wrong with it is that it was over too soon.  It is a great summer series.

    winston @replies

    @pedant  I have heard about the show and I am glad it is as good as they say. I will have to wait for my library to order it but they are pretty good at getting things if people request them. Thanks for the review.

    winston @replies

    @doctor-levina   I envy you meeting all of the Doctors for the first time.I remember my journey through Who and it was much the same as yours. The 9th Doctor was my first and I was so sad when he regenerated but then the 10th came along and he was so good then the 11th and so on.Each time I am sure I won’t like the new Doctor and each time I am wrong.What a great show!

    Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor is an old soul ,sweet and silly with a core of steel. When he gets angry it gives me chills. Have fun watching it all and believe me you are going to love the 12th Doctor too.

    winston @replies

    @doctor-levina   Hi and welcome to the site. If you are obsessed with the Doctor than you came to the right place. There are days worth of reading here on almost every episode and topic ,with some really good conversations and theories on everything Who-ish.

    You will find young and old here and all are very welcoming and we all love Doctor Who! So come in put on your fez and enjoy all things Whovian.


    winston @replies

    @thane16  Sorry , I am no help at all.  “Its all Greek to me” Sorry again I couldn’t help myself being as its Friday.

    I missed your name change, does it have a meaning ? Anyway I like it!

    winston @replies

    @craig  I borrowed this from the library awhile back and it was really good. The cast was very good and I also recommend watching it for something new. In fact I think I will borrow it again as it is worth a re-watch. And if you like trains well……..!

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