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    I am actually quite glad Martin Luther King awakened so many. But if all of the world is a political speech to you, then the concept of entertainment has been lost.

    As for the inhumanity of slavery, I have always asked people what would you have been like if you were born during the decades of slavery in the US? Would you have really been a mover and a shaker? Or would you have sort of felt weird, but gone along with the current cultural flow? Big question. Or you could ask the question what would you be like if the average age span was 400 years, and many people who were slaves and owned slaves were alive today, would there be forgiveness? And to bring the thought train to today, what societal norms are you accepting and not challenging today? Every age has them.

    As for not watching the show, I have seen plenty, as about eight years ago I attained an external herd drive with every Dr Who Show ever shown up until that point. I know they are all available on line now, but not back then. I love how Dr Who helps us to think outside the box. Even Orphan 55 had several good ideas.

    As for my statement of being tired of being preached to, I stand by that statement. We can just agree to disagree with that. That’s fine.

    Your thoughts on art and creativity are very sound.

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    Your sense of humor even managed to get the F word in there. Good job. Sorry, I am a real person, not boring or stupid.

    <span class=”useratname”>@vervain</span>

    Thanks for your comments.

    The national anthem is not a political song, but a moment to honors those that have died to protect our freedom. This is a great country. To lower the moment to a protest on their thoughts on social injustices is a hijacking. I am fine with hearing there opinions, but just not in that venue. Maybe a march, some articles. I have cut back on watching football games by over 50%. Sports was a last bastion of non-politics. Well, that’s gone. Your point that their protests is good marketing of their ideas is a true statement. It has worked well for the Kapernick’s of sports. At the same time, I am not alone in the declining ticket sales and viewership of sports games.

    I hope the upcoming episodes of Dr Who are more in the vain of the first two episodes. To me I see the decline in Dr Who viewership to correlate with it’s politically correct scripts. More fans are looking for just entertainment to escape for an hour. We get plenty of preaching when we go to look at the news.

    And thank all of you for your comments throughout the thread.


    DrWhoOpinion @replies

    Peace Frog,

    I would love to have discussions on any subject, but I would not want to preach my opinion as a writer of a show, if I were one. It’s like athletes hijacking the USA national anthem for political purposes. Sure they may have the right to protest, but that does not mean they should do it. As a viewer of sports, please leave the opinions at home. Let’s see the game, and let’s watch the show.

    Is that really an unreasonable request?



    DrWhoOpinion @replies

    I have never signed up for forums, but Orphan 55 was so disappointing. With the first two episodes of Season 12 getting off to such a great and refreshing start, this episode just lost me and my wife as fans. Soooooo tired of political correctness being preached to me. The first two episodes was a genuine old school Dr Who plot, with saving a world, and good guys and bad guys. By an old school plot I am referring to pre-Moffat. He just made the plots unbelievably complicated as to not be attractive to any new viewer. Having a female doctor is fine, but the stupid story lines of Season 11 along with mediocre characters built on “inclusiveness”, only made the series embarrassing and boring. Season 12 was off to such a fine start, and then Orphan 55 just burst the excitement bubble that BBC was learning how to do good Dr Who shows again. Nah, back to the lousy crap of Season 11.

    And changing the subject, what is up with these new writers at BBC. The F Bomb is pervasive in all shows. It is a reflection of the low standards of character development, as well as just lazy English – choosing the F Word instead of really expressing yourself clearly. At least Dr Who does not have any F Bombs. However, it is the same immature writers preaching to us through their scripts, as journalists preach their political opinions to us. So tired of this. Is there any maturity left in this field?

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