• Bluesqueakpip good catch on The Doctor calling Clara Little Red Riding Hood, I think (especially considering the original version where both Granny and LRH get eaten) that this ties in nicely with this series’s […]

  • ThumbnailI think this is appropriate to post and discuss here, since it is the official “poster” for the finale… feel free to kill this post if it isn’t…

    At first glance nothing big, Doctor and Missy posing, showing […]

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    @thebrainofmoffat you are right, sorry about the mis-quote there  🙁

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    Ah, just thought of what I was trying to think about earlier, re: the Listen Monster…

    The episode starts with The Doctor theorising that a lifeform that is the perfect hider could have evolved. Then The Doctor goes looking for it, and comes across the path of a monster that is right out of his nightmare (or maybe no monster at all)… The…[Read more]

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    Ah, but the secret of good Bonkers Theorising(TM) is that it is bold in sweep and recognises that the redness or blueness of bow ties (or surnames) is much more important than the genetic relationships.

    Speaking of color changing costume items, I’m very curious why The Doctor was dressed in all black in Listen (and…[Read more]

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    @handles  Also, again concerning the Doctor’s memory: Assuming all three pieces of evidence I mentioned in my last post are true instances of memory loss, could it be that the Doctor has at least one other personality? Could the Master possibly have been hidden inside the regeneration energy the Doctor received on Trenzalore (because the Mas…

    [Read more]

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    Hi all… long time lurker, first time poster here  😉

    Absolutely loved this episode, watched it twice in a row… totally surprised by the drop-in to see the very young Doctor.

    Now, as to what happened there, I feel like there is some BG Who precedent for this (hear me out on this)… I’m referring to the 6th Doctor story “Trial of a Timelord”…[Read more]

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