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    How could I forget? 🙂

    It’s actually not as bad as feared! Gonna take something being used to, though, after my long tradition of hating beards of all kinds 🙂 Good that we have reached December now 😛

    Maybe the 11th Doctor being bearded in Day of the Moon was our warning that this was to come…

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    I hope you are wrong, but hey, what do I know, I might get convinced 🙂 Would have a hard time expressing my change of heart about beards to everyone I’ve complained about, though…

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    @MikeofMcr re: 2)

    I really hope you are wrong, according to me there is nothing worse than facial hair… Now I’m even more excited to find out what he looks like 😛

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    I was finally able to view the episode last night. When dodging spoilers 3 days are a very, very long time!

    Though not my favorite episode, it is definitely worth watching again to find out what little details I missed the first time.

    I’m so looking forward to see where it will be taken after this, there are so many interesting opportunities to…[Read more]

  • @ScaryB – You know, a slight exaggeration never hurt anyone 😀 Okay, maybe it has, but in this specific case i seriously doubt it! Still, I think it could make some great scenes 😀

  • I’m looking forward to find out 😀 And then maybe a woman who looks like a man? I mean, I know quite a few whose gender i could not determine for quite some time 😉

  • No doubt, but it could still make some great scenes if they decided to use it so that at last everything depended on the companion because someone wouldn’t let the doctor do whatever needed to be done 🙂

  • If the next doctor is a woman, there will be other problems as well, say, traveling back to a time where women didn’t have anything to say? I guess it could give some humorous and intense scenes 😀

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  • I would not be surprised if he did, but i surely hope that he did not work with the cybermen, they are disgusting! Daleks are a good shot though…

  • Or possibly killed his children, what the Hurt doctor did, he did in the name of “peace and sanity”, Maybe they were just driving him insane? 🙂

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