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    So flippin hyped for Bill. I already love her just based on the preview!

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    I continue to laugh days after this episode ended. What always got me was when River walked into the Tardis and The Doctor was like “Finally, it’s my go” and he just starts freaking out and then I start freaking out because he’s freaking out and it’s just so freaking funny.

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    Such a plot twist! Going in when the Doctor said he was going to wipe Clara’s memory, I thought that’s what he did. What I did NOT expect was both of them holding on to the memory wiper, a 50/50 chance. And chance stole the Doctor. Wow. At least he won’t be sad about it, right?

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    This is easily one of my favorite episodes. I can not stop watching that one scene where Cassandra goes into the Doctor’s body for the first time. “Two hearts! Oh baby, I’m beating out a samba!” Honestly, I could probably act out the entire scene if  I had the lack of shame required. 😉

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