• And loved Clara in era-specific clothing when warning the various incarnations of the Doctor – especially the 80’s one!

  • So…

    The leaf wasn’t the actual leaf – the doctor must have substituted another leaf which Clara then offers up in the “Rings” – the planet/star/sun doesn’t feast on her mother’s potential but on Clara’s […]

  • I  reckon Mr Thursday is a nod to GK Chesterton’s The Man who was Thursday – the hero’s love interest in that very Kafka-like story is Rose (Rosamund).

    Of course Chesterton also wrote The Paradoxes of Mr Pond…

  • So if he had managed to get to London in 1893 rather than Yorkshire, was he planning to show Clara her Victorian doppelganger? Seems a bit brutal. Or to prove they were different beings if it turned out a time […]

  • Plus Jenny wearing an Avengers leather catsuit – priceless.

  • Thomas Thomas – victorian sat nav !

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    Around about 15:00 or so, Clara only has two candles in the candlestick, having run down the stairs; a few seconds later there are 3 again.

    Continuity slip, for sure.


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    As noted by other here, we have blue and red balloons representing the two universes. The doctor blows up the blue one first to represent ‘our’ universe, the red second as the pocket universe.

    He draws them […]

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    “sliver of ice” line is a paraphrase of Graham Greene’s assertion  that;

    “There is a splinter of ice in the heart of a writer”

    He was writing in the context of the writer’s need to look at tragedy, or at […]

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    Sticking to my Clara as normal / impossible theme;

    The Tardis comes up with the only image she thinks Clara will recognise from her vast database; Clara herself – again this suggests Clara has a very limited […]

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    Another instance of Clara being unable to do something until prompted – she won’t follow the Doctor and go looking for the ghost, in fact clearly can’t follow him until he dares her (at her suggestion), then she’s […]

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    So to recap (for myself as much as anyone)…

    Phoenix / Firebird = Rebirth

    Egyptology = Reincarnation

    Looking Glass (Clara does the mirror image of the usual; “smaller on the outside” & “Anywhere in […]

  • Egyptology count so far;

    Camels, Pyramids, Mummy, Raiders of the Lost Ark

    Any others?

  • Some  more things about Clara (am presuming you’ve all read others speculations and clue-assembly, so won’t repeat the basics);

    Her Father is still alive (and, as the Doctor reports in his list of messages for […]

  • @Bluesqueakpip

    Agreed – I thought that ‘pond’ being the only word to get the Doctor’s attention was the perfect example of Moffat setting up any/all/none of the following; a good joke (since the old governess […]

  • @ScaryB – yep, very much so. Although it required the Doctor to mention the ‘World Wide Web’ somewhat anachronistically when really it was wi-fi networks and the net generally that had been co-opted. Loved that […]

  • Looking at the Prequel again, it is most specifically Autumn – the camera makes a point of including a huge tree with reddish  leaves, leaves all around in fact;

    So it’s the first page because Clara brings it […]

  • Reposting this from the Series Blog over at The Guardian;


    So did anyone else notice the camels? – one on Clara’s desk, a picture of one on the hall stairs and then, when they are about to set off on the […]

  • ‘Summer Falls’ is surely just Amy taking her adventures with the doctor (Silence Falls) and writing them as a children’s adventure story, in the manner of Famous Five books (the cover has the heroine with her two […]

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