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    The link above being a more in depth view of the new B & M Figures (A YouTube Video)

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    Ok so recently, im not entirely sure when but B & M stores across the UK have just dropped new Doctor who figurines. Each is based off of a single story or big finish audio. some better appealing than others. Personally I have only been able to get a hold of one. This being “The Seventh Doctor Collector Figure set.

    Now this set contains The…[Read more]

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    This was definitely one of the most heartbreaking and emotional stories. Mainly because throughout parts 1’2 & 3 it plays out like a normal story. But in part four of course we don’t just see the departure of one of my favourite companions (Adric) we also see the destruction of him. This shows that doctor who is changing. It’s learning how to em…[Read more]

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