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    I was thinking about how “Bad Wolf” and Fenric ought to be connected (thank you @phaseshift for pointing it out).

    Suppose Rose Tyler is one of the “wolves of Fenric” – a descendent of those tainted by Fenric and a pawn in the ancient evil’s plot to re-emerge and defeat the Doctor. Since she helped the Doctor, ater sacrificed herself, and then…[Read more]

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    @Ania   We have seen the Master survive so much worse than a lasor blast. And, if my theory is anything close to correct, Missy is the 8th regeneration, so there is plenty of story-weaving wiggle room.

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    The logic-lover in me has come up with a time-line for the Master. It allows Pratt and Beevers to play the 13th iteration and Ainley to be a body that cannot regenerate.

    First, there is Delgado. Second, there is Ainley. This version of the Master is a time-lord, not a Trakenite. (Later, the near-death Master will choose Tremas’s body because of…[Read more]

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  • If a Time Lord can 1) regenerate into a different gender, and 2) choose the face/body he regenerates into, then I must wonder why the Doctor chose to be a scruffy white male 13 times.

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    OH! You can also use head cannons to defend your ship!

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    Head cannons are used to blow people’s minds. (Pun enforced)

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    @crieshavok and @purofilion

    Peter Capaldi also played Head Office Secretary in a tumultuous Torchwood piece, “Children of Earth.” While the Doctor didn’t interact with this character, I’d be disappointed if no one in the show acknowledged this connection – especially since UNIT is back in the picture.

    Also, Peter Capaldi isn’t the only Doctor…[Read more]

  • @lisa

    I would be thrilled to see the Leonines of E-space again!!! I love the concept of E-space — “not a parallel universe, more like a perpendicular universe.” And the Leonines were beings more time sensitive […]

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    I was encouraged to put one of my theories here.

    We know from Trial of a Time Lord that all TARDISes up-load their adventures to a place called the Matrix. (We also know from that set of episodes that Time Lords can tamper with the Matrix and alter / add stories.)

    We know from a number of episodes that a TARDIS is sentient. In this way, a…[Read more]

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    @bluesqueakpip and @JimTheFish

    I know that Missy has to be the Master because the TV show said so. My theory makes no sense given the reveal, and it wouldn’t make sense for Romana to lie about who she is. Clearly, my idea is no longer a viable theory, just head cannon.

    Often, I put the volume on low and pretend the subtitles are slightly…[Read more]

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    I think it would be fun to see the Doctor as a female – or more androgenous. I find androgenous characters fun. I just really, really liked how the Master was treated and ended with John Simm. Also, I really miss Romana. Doctor Who has done very little with companions turning into enemies.

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    I still can’t accept Missy as a regeneration of The Master. I assert that there is a much better story. The Master deserves to stay dead; there are many other Time Lords to resurect.

    So, here is my theory (which still works in-spite of the reveal in Dark Waters): Missy is a regeneration of Romana. Romana, with her socio-political ties to E-space,…[Read more]

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