• Darn good episode! The threat of a duel to Ryan had me chuckling and the Cyberman rocked up an episode early with a new design. When they saw it glowing from a distance it looked like Mr. Burns from that X files inspired Simpsons episode though!…[Read more]

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    I really liked the mid-episode twist of the Doctor being used to free the second villain. “I used your instincts against you” was a great line too. https://dexterdiscuss.wordpress.com/2020/02/09/doctor-who-season-12-episode-7-discussion-can-you-hear-me/

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    The episode needed less yapping and more zapping! Does anyone else think they should have saved the Jack stuff for this episode to speread out the excitement. You didnt need him, Judoon and a new Doctor all in one episode and then you get this following it and it felt slightly boring as a result. It wasnt bad, just a bit…[Read more]

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    When Jack says he will see the Doctor again but maybe not for a long time (in his timeline because he will obviously be back later this season) I hope that he looks different. John Barrowman now has silver hair so imagine him playing a bad ass 10,000 year old Jack. Who wouldnt want…[Read more]

  • I really liked it but I feel that I am slightly blinded by my love for the Tesla actor as he was in Timeless (one of my favourite shows). I really liked his portrayal though. Can anyone else explain though how Yaz thought tipping that one tiny shelf of bread over would stop four or five giant scorpions that can run on…[Read more]

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