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    @purofilion Don’t forget the tangerine! (wrapped in foil, of course).

    Right! I shall make a start on The West Wing this week, and keep you posted. @blenkinsopthebrave has Deadwood exactly right, I think – that’s certainly how David Milch is on record as having conceived it, too. I’d add that the violence is rarely just for the sake of e…[Read more]

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    Nice pub!

    @purofilion @Craig et al

    Thanks for the West Wing recommendation. I’ve just caught up with season 5 of Justified on Sky (apologies for giving money to Murdoch, but it’s the only way I can watch any cricket), so – as they have all of the West Wing as one of their box sets, that shall be my next venture. My son – whose judgement is sou…[Read more]

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    @JimTheFish Agreed, very careful about spoilers. As far as Angel goes, I suppose I feel cheated of the season already planned by JW, because he had to wrap it all up without much warning; but he did do it pretty well. I have very mixed feelings about the end of Buffy – it didn’t help that teasers about the upcoming season of Angel spoiled a m…[Read more]

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    @purofilionER at its peak was genuinely terrific TV, though, as you say, went on too long; but at least they managed to finish it in some style. Some of my favourite series have had real trouble with satisfactory endings (I’m thinking especially of BSG, having never had the same emotional attachment to Lost), while one of the best of all, Deadwo…[Read more]

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    A group watch of Buffy sounds fun! I never feel confident enough about my Who knowledge to contribute to discussions here, though I lurk a lot, but I’m an old Buffy fan (in both senses of ‘old’, regrettably), which I watched from series 1 with my teenage children (now in their thirties!). Buffy could make you laugh like a drain, terrify you…[Read more]

  • When my son was about five or six, I’d snuck in and retrieved the empty sock from the end of his bed and was filling it (foil-wrapped tangerine – or more likely satsuma – in the toe, of course) when he was heard […]

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    This is, I’m sure, my first tentative attempt at a small theory (I’ve otherwise restricted myself to what I actually know about, which is early modern drama!), but I was struck by the way Clara says ‘I love you…These words from me are your words now’. It’s a lovely way of putting it, but it’s also quite odd – as if she were passing him a code t…[Read more]

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    I’ve lurked here for a long time (so much pleasanter than the Guardian BTL!), but never till now felt impelled to sign up and join in, as I’m not so knowledgeable about Doctor Who as to be able to contribute to all the theorising, despite my first Doctor being Patrick Troughton (I gave up after Peter Davison and didn’t start watching again till…[Read more]

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