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    Luxumbra @replies

    I have a question about this episode that has been killing me. Maybe someone can help shed some light. Its stupid and simple but it bugs me none the less.


    In the episode, Ten seems appalled by the fact they are archeologists, saying: “oh no tell me your not archeologists are you?” with a disgusted look on his face. Then saying “I’m a time traveller, I point and laugh at archeologists.”

    Now to me, this is one of the most “un-doctory” things The Doctor has ever said. Wouldn’t you think knowing what we know about The Doctor, that he’d be proud of any humans who became archeologists as it is essentially a historical science dedicated to researching and understanding the past? I mean sometimes he seems proud of humans for certain things, like “Martha Jones, Protector of Earth” even though what she was doing was essentially a military operation, but then he’s annoyed by humans who study history and uncover its secrets?


    anyone shed light on this peculiar comment that I feel he made?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)