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    No, you’re not – but I’d rather he focused on Big Finish. :-]
    And I imagine that writing for the TV series puts a lot more constraints on your creativity, anyway. Budget is more of a factor and you have to please a lot more people.

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    A piece of news that excited me a thousand times more than the spin-off anouncement. War Doctor at BF. And an 8th Doctor Time War box set, to boot! Awesome news!
    I’m as happy as a hermit crab with a new boot for a home!

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    What I like about individual stories is the variety it affords.
    Whether it’s less or more, that entirely depends on how good the individual stories are. A good short story is sometimes better than a convoluted novel. More and bigger plot doesn’t always a better story make. :-]

    This two-parter looks like something that will probably…[Read more]

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    As with the first episode – I liked it, but didn’t love it.

    Maybe I’ll change my opinion after I watch both Apprentice and Familiar again, for now I find them worse than the sum of their parts… I loved bits and pieces (Colony Sarff, Weeping Song in the background, friendly banter with Davros, Missy – and more…), but I’m not quite as smitten a…[Read more]

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    <span class=”useratname”>@phaseshift
    Faith No More! Thanks for that vid, good to be reminded of that song. </span>

    Love that track!
    I like old music traditions, both folk and elite ones – and I really enjoy it when they fuse with rock (and metal). I’m especially drawn towards Inner and East Asian, Celtic, and Slavic music.
    You might…[Read more]

  • When I do DW fanart, it’s almost always audio plays. (Gotta admit ever since SM took over, a lot of my enthusiasm for the TV show has gone… I’ve turned into one of those annoying ‘BF-already-dunit-&-dunit-better-too’ people…:-))



    @tommo     I enjoyed browsing through your DA gallery, the pencil sketches look really cool. Your sty…[Read more]

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    Xie Tian Xiao.

    (Some pretty cool music happens in Mainland China. And still I get those dumb, blank stares and “Such a thing exists?” when I say I listen to Chinese rock.)



  • @missy @purofilion
    Thanks for positive feedback on that vid, much appreciated…;-)

    @yacotaco It might work if you get these people to contribute either individually or preferably in smaller groups. Then edit the recorded material into a video. (I guess that’s what you have in mind?)

    Get the word out and convention going fans might help you get…[Read more]

  • Not exactly new stuff – but I’ve recently started to watch Ripper Street and I’m really really enjoying it. Great atmosphere, good writing, superb cast… I’m a sucker for anything Victorian and this is right up my alley.

  • If you got into DW via the renewed series, New Eighth Doctor Adventures are a good place to start. They resemble the nuWho format (60 min. episodes telling more or less standalone stories, with loose season story arcs) and they provide the context and background for Dark Eyes.

    Dark Eyes series itself might be a good starting point but I guess…[Read more]

  • Just a little vid I threw together…

    (Something about the Doctor and the Time Lords, pretty much centered around the Time War.)

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    Gotta say I’m still struggling to warm up to Smith. Most of his episodes are still ahead of me and he doesn’t really irritate me anymore, so I’ll probably end up liking him. He’s the Doctor, after all…:-)

    But for the time being, I still find the 9th and the 10th more enjoyable and watching The Day of The Doctor only reminded me of how much I…[Read more]

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