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    A man, in a dessert, crawls across the sand crying, “water,….water,….water…”
    Dr Who fans crawl in front of the TV crying, “decent script,…..decent script…”

    It seems the whole episode was created and shown just to set up Missy’s response of
    being surprised. I usually do not like a show’s finale to arrive, because I have to wait
    till…[Read more]

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    She wouldn’t have seen the 12th Doctor (Capaldi) as the Doctor’s time-scar only went up to his death on Trenzalore (before the timelords saved gave him a new set of regenerations).

    That don’t explain how she didn’t know the war doctor, nor how she forgot Tom Baker’s doctor
    in the museum. Someone is collecting intel on the Doctor, and Cla…[Read more]

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    Yet more Clara theory……sorry, but my mind is working overtime right now.

    Here is what we have seen:
    1. The dalek Clara, Victorian Clara, and modern Clara didn’t know the
    doctor when she first sees him.
    2. The war doctor clara didn’t know the war doctor when she sees him, yet
    she knows Matt Smith’s doctor. She even admits to seeing all the…[Read more]

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    Some additional thoughts on Clara. My memory my be foggy, so chime in to correct
    when needed.

    Clara jumps into the Dr’s time stream and is split into multiple Clara’s.
    We see the clips of her trying to help the Dr. When Matt Smith goes to
    save her, she is with the war Dr. Matt saved “the Clara” in the War Dr’s
    time stream. Clara says she…[Read more]

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    Ok, I said I wouldn’t watch DW as long as the Clara/Danny soap opera went on, but I’m just
    too addicted to DW. I want to deal with two issues, 1. Missy 2. Clara

    1. Missy – Do you guys REALLY want her to be the Master?? Really??? The Master has been
    run into the ground. Any Dr Who with the Master is a “re-run” with cosmetic changes.
    You…[Read more]

  • @Phaseshift Long time whovians know companions don’t last forever.
    And what I am seeing, my opinion of Clara and Danny isn’t in the
    minority. It is just a matter of time. But while Clara and Danny
    are in the show, I wont waste my time watching it. The science tech
    has become less than B-grade, and the plot line is a day time soap opera,
    and…[Read more]

  • I like watching Dr Who because it is a good Sci-Fi show.
    This season, it has been a day time soap opera, which I detest.
    Half-way through this episode, I was rooting for the mummy to get Clara.
    Moffat isn’t drawing me into the long story, he is making me not care
    to watch it. After this Episode, I really don’t care what Danny Pink
    story is,…[Read more]

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    I really liked the movie The 13th Warrior. Came out in 1999, I think.
    It stars Antonio Banderas. I don’t watch a lot of movies, but I really
    like that one.

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    I realize there are holes in my theory about Courtney being River.  I want people to search and see if there

    was established story of the little girl in the space suit, regen’ing into Mels.  That would end my theory.

    I can see the little girl regen’ing into Mels.  I don’t have a problem with that.  I can also see Courtney

    regen’ing into Mel…[Read more]

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    Hi all, new here……


    After this episode, the thought occurred to me, “could Courtney Woods be River Song?”

    One thing I could be missing, and you all could help me out, was it established, in the show,

    that  the little girl, who escaped from the space suit, regened into Melody (Amy Pond’s childhood friend)?

    Or was that just an assumption o…[Read more]

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