• been awhile.  just finished this one.  gotta find a frame for it.

    size is roughly 12 inches square. 49 pieces of paper.

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    @missy  I’ll never understand why people go on to a forum and whine about things they don’t like.   Life is too short to spend so much time on the negative and purposely frustrating yourself.    I’ve just finished Sherlock The Abominable Bride and I know that one is going to have a lot of people not getting it.  But Moffat is doing just fine b…[Read more]

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    I follow Barrowman on social media and got his autograph at Heroes and Villains FanFest back in November. I got to see his panel there as well. John is very much Captain Jack, and is very good with his fans. There’s a clip of him and Alex at a recent con on YouTube. He’s a total fanboy himself and his flamboyant nature really…[Read more]

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    @scaryb The diamond is The Halassi Androvar. King Hydroflax was raiding the Halassi vault when it exploded on him.

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    @notime – transcripts (mostly accurate, I have seen a few errors) here: http://www.chakoteya.net/

    @arbutus – I agree with you about perceptions. It colors everything we do in life. I can absolutely see her being so stuck in “he only has these 12 faces” that it never even occurs to her that something could happen and he could have more.…[Read more]

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    I don’t know if 10 said something like that, but 9 definitely did. At the end of Dalek.

    DOCTOR: I’m the only one left. I win. How about that?
    ROSE: The Dalek survived. Maybe some of your people did too.
    DOCTOR: I’d know. In here. (his head) Feels like there’s no one.

    Yes, but River had this, I don’t know how to call it, a wanted l…

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    Certainly she is insistent upon returning the diamond to the Helasi (?) but not without a hefty reward. Although I felt that part was somewhat confused what with the diamond happily falling into her partially diaphanous outfit and full bodice and the funny lines surrounding the scene: “I’m better than good” etc..- somewhat vain, River…

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    me too, but if she’s done, I’m OK with that. she’s a favorite, but they did an excellent job of bringing her story full circle. the chemistry is wonderful with her and Peter, but this would be a perfect high note for her to go out on.

    oh and when he tried to pull a nine and send her away? she just materializes around him and shuts him in the…[Read more]

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    lol, puro. you know how River is about stealing vehicles. I think she does it because she can. and I think that she hopes to “bump” into her doctor as well.

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    I’ve watched it like 3 or 4 times already.

    Some of my favorite moments:

    – I think I’m going to need a bigger flowchart.

    – Is this what you are like when I’m not . . .

    – Hello Sweetie

    – The implication that River “borrows” the TARDIS from time to time and he doesn’t notice. (I like to think she deliberately leaves something out of place…[Read more]

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    I don’t think i could have asked for anything more in that special.

    regarding Cleopatra from The Wedding of River Song:

    DOCTOR: Did my best, dear. I showed up. You just can’t get the psychopaths these days. Love what you’ve done with the pyramids. How did you score all this?
    RIVER: Hallucinogenic lipstick. Works wonders on President Kennedy.…[Read more]

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    the thing I love about the forum is the  respect everyone shows for each other.  @puroandson son is doing just fine.

    for me, Clara is still just a companion.  I don’t see her as more, that’s why I’m ready to see her go.

    that is also why she will need to be actually related to the doctor for me to accept her being so special.  River song was an…[Read more]

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    wow, this board is moving fast!

    @arbutus – I would have preferred she stayed dead, however I would have been ok with her being the one with the memory wipe. Or even BOTH her and the doctor being wiped. I found her death in Face the Raven quite moving. And for a character that I really couldn’t care less what happens to, that’s saying a lot.…[Read more]

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    I loved the episode right up until the time that the Doctor was the one erased and not Clara. My first thought was simply “What a copout.”
    Some of you say that it didn’t diminish her death in Face the Raven, but for me it totally did. I fell for the setup that it might be Clara who had had her memory erased. And you know what, I might have…[Read more]

  • Oooh, a shiny new thread.

    I made a new jacket.  (Well I bought a jacket and made it Doctor Who)

    nothing on the back as of yet.

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    Awesome start to the series.  can’t wait for next week.  I love Missy setting Clara straight on a few things. Michelle Gomez is really fun.   She reminds me of River the way she’s always pushing the Doctor’s buttons just for the hell of it.  Add the freedom of being the bad guy.   I hope she doesn’t go away to quickly.  I love how Capaldi has r…[Read more]

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    @blenkinsopthebrave wrote:

    But for me, this  made the season feel a bit disjointed. It was a bit like the season where Matt Smith did the western, etc. And maybe you can get away with that when you have established the character and the arc of the Doctor (which they did brilliantly in Matt Smith’s first season as the Doctor), but I am not sure it…

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  • Hello, y’all.  I’ve been away for a while, but the Doctor is coming back and so am I (I hope).   I’ve been practicing my Circular Gallifreyan again, and made this wallpaper in honor of the new season.

    “The Magician’s Apprentice”

    bottom left corner is the date (USA format)

    Click for full size


  • @mrvii I know it’s been a while, and you’ve probably got your gallifreyan sorted out, but that would read as “things above all”

    Just like you start reading words counter-clockwise from the bottom, your sentences should do the same.  (alternatively, you can write them somewhat linear from left to right)

    I also dislike that translator because it…[Read more]

  • been a while since i’ve been here.  life got in the way.

    so does anyone watch Arrow/The Flash?  I was watching the preview for the spinoff “Legends of Tomorrow”  and about squealed myself to death.


    jump to 1:57 for the best part!



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