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    I bloody LOVED last weeks Rosa Parks ep (“excuse me Dr King, Yes, Rosa Parks” teeheee) so this ep was always gonna have to try hard but I just felt it was a bit forced and fake. Loved Graham going home for the first time. The spiders were proper creepy (even if they weren’t proper baddy aliens) and the growing romance between Yaz n Ryan is really sweet. Also really liked meeting Yaz’ family. Lots more stuff there potentially.

    But the “nasty yank” character was weak af! As was the wedging in of the inclusive lesbian character at the beginning. I mean, have lesbians! Just mention it in passing if it needs to be mentioned, not to score points for inclusiveness.

    Praying next week gets back to proper baddies, brilliant accompanying music and lovable buffoonery.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)