• The Christmas show. 12th Doc, 1st Doc, regeneration, new Doc. Anyone who can predict how all this will pan out is a genius. I’m sure that the moment has been prepared for………..

  • For the record, I found the whole River thing irritating too, and I never really engaged with the River character too. Hope the new Doc can find have an entirely new aspect/direction to take and surprise everyone with something none of us expected.

  • What personality should the new Doctor have? Dark and mysterious? Zany? Arrogant? Manipulative? Aggressive? Naive? Rude? Superior? Bookish? Gung ho? Haunted by the past? Flippant? Just? Or all of the above?




  • Does it really matter who takes over? If it doesn’t work out then-ok. Move on. All we know at the mo is-new Doc,new producer, probably new Tardis makeover. A lot to look forward to. I’m no fan of “political correctness” or box ticking, but its clearly a brave new direction.

    One thing I would like is the absence of any kind of romance for the…[Read more]

  • The series has not gone bad as such, just average and underwhelming. Mostly this is down to Steven Moffat who peaked a while ago and has outstayed his welcome. Similar to Sherlock, was Moffat spreading himself too thinly? Both shows have suffered.

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