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    Craig @craig

    Jodie Whittaker - Doctor Who

    Jodie Whittaker has won the role of the new, thirteenth Doctor. With Chris Chibnall taking over from Steven Moffat as showrunner of Doctor Who it’s the end of one era and the start of a new one.

    I thought, rather than fill the news section with posts, we should try and keep them all in one place this time – should have done the same for Capaldi’s announcement, but you live and learn!

    So what do you all think? Good choice, bad choice, safe choice, predictable choice? Let us know below. And, as ever, all I request is that you all keep it civil and respect everyone’s opinions even if you disagree with them. We’re all different. And also respect the feelings of any actors (of all sexes) that are discussed – they may just be lurking, you never know.

    Be KIND to each other!

    GlasgowBoy @glasgowboy

    Both predictable and bad.

    wolfweed @wolfweed


    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord

    I think a really good choice personally. I’m looking forward to it.

    Commiserations to Kris Marshall though. (One thing’s for sure, I doubt he’ll even want to hear the words ‘Doctor Who’ for quite some time.)

    Craig @craig

    I know what I’m doing tonight – watching “Attack The Block” again. I thought she was great in that, fighting aliens and all that.

    Gallifudge @gallifudge

    Totally disastrous decision IMO.

    A TV legend has been destroyed I’ve been a fan since Episode 1 and I will never watch the show again.

    Nick @nick

    I’m glad that Chris Chibnall has actually done it. A female Doctor should certainly be interesting to watch. I look forward to seeing how Jodie will play the part and how she/Chibnall will play out the Doctor character arc. My only fear is that she is too seems to be somewhat conventional and therefore somewhat a “safe” choice, if that is possible in the circumstances.

    We all know that there is a certain section of the audience (as well as those who don’t form part of the audience) that will be very nasty about this and towards her in particular. That she has taken the part anyway, knowing that being the first will take all the flak, bodes well for her, I think.

    One note of caution. It seems Chris likes to work with people who are known quantities to him. I’m not sure whether this is a good sign for the future.

    Devilishrobby @devilishrobby

    Well all I can say is who is really shocked I think Moffat had been setting up the prospect of a female Doctor for the last few seasons with the change of the Master into Missy and the change of sex when the General regenerated last season setting the precedent. Don’t really know Jodi Whittaker as an actress but from comments here I have high hopes she will carry the role off. Though did anyone get a sort of Captain Jack vibe in the way she was dressed.

    Craig @craig

    @nick David Tennant as the next Master? 🙂

    Craig @craig

    @devilishrobby Watch “Attack the Block”. Not only does it feature Jodie but also gave John Boyega his big role that boosted him into the Star Wars universe. It’s a lot of fun.

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    1st interview


    The 13th Clooney!

    Anonymous @

    I think this is the worst news ever. I have watched Dr Who since it started. Colin Baker was the worst until Peter Capaldi. Now a woman??? Why? Cannot the male population particularly children have a male hero? How can Dr Who be male for 50 odd years then have a sex change? I will no longer be watching. BBC have killed off any logic this fantastic series had. Sad😩😩

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    Agree with @nick. As a choice it seems simultaneously revolutionary and conventional, if that makes sense. I only know Jodie Whittaker from Broadchurch, and there weren’t too many many laughs in that one. But looking forward immensely to a whole new chapter in Who.

    wolfweed @wolfweed


    MissRori @missrori

    I’m cool with this.  She definitely looks like a Doctor to me!  😉  Really, that intro clip was lovely.  Best wishes and break a leg!

    Ubik @ubik

    Okay. So I’m predominantly a lurker.

    But all I have to say at this moment is, “Boo-hoo, curmudgeons.”

    You’ll all have much more time to be curmudgeonly with all that time you’ll have not watching.


    Nick @nick


    thanks. excellent interview.

    Mirime @mirime

    I’m pleased. Never watched Broadchurch so I’ve only seen her in Attack the Block, but she was good in that so I’m more than willing to give her a chance.

    Also a woman in the role is probably the only thing that would somewhat alleviate my sadness at Capaldi leaving. I feel quite excited now rather than despondent.

    The only worrying thing is Chibnell seems to just be sticking with people he’s worked with on Broadchurch. We’ll just have to wait and see!

    Nick @nick


    DT as the Master. I dont know if that’s possible, but I wouldn’t mind seeing what he’d do. I’m not sure I’ve seen him play a baddy. I was thinking we might see Eve Myles again.

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    Chibnall was always going to cast a woman…

    variety interview


    Back in February he said this: “Nothing is ruled out but I don’t want the casting to be a gimmick and that’s all I can say.”

    Craig @craig

    @nick David Tennant was the most evil baddie ever in Jessica Jones, the Marvel series on Netflix. He was just cold and murderous and amazing at it. It’d be quite funny if the Master stole his face (if they want to bring DT back).

    MissRori @missrori

    @mirime I feel like you do — Capaldi was so special a more conventional pick wouldn’t have excited me.  But this opens up fresh possibilities and potential, and it soothes the transition.

    Ubik @ubik

    Mrs May sheds a tear

    FatManInABox @fatmaninabox

    @craig – thank you. All throughout Broadchurch I was wondering where I knew Jodie from but couldn’t make the connection. I quite enjoyed ATB so I think it’s time to buy the DVD.

    I must admit I wasn’t too happy at the prospect of a female Doctor but that smile on Jodie’s/The Doctor’s face has already won me over. Unlike a couple of posters here and hundreds over on the Twitter-sphere (and although I haven’t looked yet, probably The Graun) I think Doctor Who is in safe hands and will be around for years to come.

    @exfan – seriously, you’ve signed up just to say that you’re never watching again? May as well delete your account then. Oh, and don’t slam the door on your way out.

    @devilishrobby Though did anyone get a sort of Captain Jack vibe in the way she was dressed.

    Yes as well as a Kate Stewart-ish vibe.

    Craig @craig

    @wolfweed I am loving #TARDISFullOfBras

    Craig @craig

    Currently trending on Twitter:

    Attack the Block

    The PR worked!

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    Chibnall is said to have a “five-year plan” for the series, revealing: “What the BBC was after [with the new era] was risk and boldness.”


    Arbutus @arbutus


    MissRori @missrori

    @arbutus  Okay, that made me laugh.  😀

    Juniperfish @juniperfish

    I am fricking delighted!

    Like others, I enjoyed Attack the Block but haven’t watched Broadchurch.

    It’s not as if we haven’t been prepared…

    The Time Lord known as The Corsair preferred to switch about on a regular basis, as told to us in The Doctor’s Wife. We’ve enjoyed a great outing for the Master as Missy, thanks to Michelle Gomez.

    This corner of the universe is certainly ready.

    Munch on a jelly baby, haters!

    Craig @craig

    @juniperfish As the first Time Lady (in CosPlay) I’ve had the pleasure of knowing, have a like! I’m overjoyed too. 🙂

    Lordwindowlicker @lordwindowlicker

    I just signed up a few minutes ago.

    I knew that this might be controversial, so I was curious to see what the percentage of the most vocal members of the fanbase were against the decision.

    Even knowing that, I’m disappointed in the people who are railing against it without even having seen her in the role.   It makes perfect sense from an established lore standpoint, so all you’re upset about is that The Doctor will be female.  Can you justify why this is a bad decision?   Is 50+ years not enough for you to accept what is a pretty inoffensive change?

    What is your reasoning for being upset?   Because from where I’m sitting, all I can see is people crying because girls are “icky”.    I do wish to keep this relatively civil.

    kejy44 @kejy44

    I have to say that I’m so disappointed! I was so looking forward to Kris Marshall being the next Doctor. As I feel he would be amazing and would bring so much to the role. Bringing back some humour to it. Before I say my next bit I would just like to say that I love women and there are so many fantastic female roles. I just feel that dr who should of remained a male role and changing it so dramatically may well be the breaking of the show. this would be a shame as I have loved this show ever since I was very small. As I’ve said this is not a sexist thing not at all its just some characters should not be messed with ( James bond captain kirk Sherlock Holmes dr who and so on) I’m take ghostbusters for instance should never have been changed. there are so many female lead characters that shouldn’t be changed to male just not the way it should work. so I am truly saddened by this. I will watch but I think this could be the end.

    Angry of Suffolk @angryofsuffolk

    What a great shame that the pseudointellectuals running the BBC have taken the potentially disastrous road of a female Doctor.

    Female Doc, companion ,Master, head of Unit …not much for the lads to follow then.

    I stopped watching  Who when McCoy was promoted ,he wasn’t correct either was a long time till the next Doc.

    Lets hope Lightning doesn’t strike twice.

    A poor choice as well .

    Too young and without the acting chops.

    So many older and finer actresses to pick , shame ,but then perhaps they where smart enough not to sip from the poison chalice.

    As I’m now 56 I can remember being one of the little rug rats that hid behind the sofa trying not to watch the aircraft carrier sized black and white TV when the Doctor came on.

    Now I record it and fast forward through the poor SI-FI , inappropriate storylines and self aware smugness .

    We didn’t need a new Doc. but they do need new writers and leaders  WHO remember that WHO was/should be a FUN , FAMILY FRIENDLY ROMP THROUGH TIME AND SPACE.

    NOT a platform for the SELF-RIGHTEOUS.

    O Well it frees up an hour odd  a week next year to catch up with Arrow,Flash ,etc.

    wolfweed @wolfweed


    FrostFair @frostfair

    I’m very excited to hear that Jodie Whittaker is going to be the next Doctor – it’s really going to add something new and different to Doctor Who and I can’t wait to see how she is going to portray the Doctor.

    Kudos also to Jodie for taking up the baton here, despite the inevitable whingers.

    My daughter was very pleased to hear the news today saying it will make a great change to have a woman saving the day, not a man. I really hope Jodie realises what an inspiration she is providing to youngsters already.

    I’m going to download Attack the Block again – I really enjoyed Joe Cornish’s film first time round and looking forward to seeing it again.

    Also – thanks for the link to Jodie’s interview – all good stuff!

    bendubz11 @bendubz11

    The Doctor is a Shapeshifter, basically. A lizard could play The Doctor and it wouldn’t contradict the canon, all that matters is that anyone who plays The Doctor is a good actor. I’ll miss Capaldi, but I’ve seen plenty of people praising Whittaker’s acting ability and that’s good enough for me.

    Anonymous @

    So Chibnall choosing a female Dr Who is obvious. I wouldn’t know as I had never heard of him and after destroying the ethos of the series perhaps everyone else will forget him too. It is worth joining to vent my anger somewhere. The BBC don’t listen even if I knew how to contact them. Look at the rubbish on TV generally. This probably is great for female viewers (sexist possibly) but why change a characters sex at all? Will Sherlock be female next? Perhaps we will get Spiderwoman?

    Juniperfish @juniperfish

    Yay @craig <does a dance of joy with you> 🙂

    @lordwindowlicker – Welcome and blimey, you asked! Prepare for a lot of irrational spleen in response… I can already see a bunch of people have joined up simply to vent/ rant etc.

    One common (generally frothing) complaint that gets to the heart of the matter, is that boys (and men) have now <sob> lost a role model (as in the above “nothing for the lads”).

    No, you haven’t, unless, of course, you regard women as inherently inferior and simply cannot, under any circumstances, look up to them.

    A plethora of girls and women have regarded the Doctor as a role model, and identified with him, over Doctor Who’s 50 year span, whilst he’s regenerated, repeatedly, as a man. The Doctor is still, no doubt, going to be the Doctor as portrayed by Jodie Whittaker – alien, two hearts, both of gold, funny, witty, snarky, capricious, kind, adventurous.

    Live a little and get flexible with your indentifications!

    Craig @craig

    @exfan You mean like this popular character that has existed for years?


    FrostFair @frostfair

    Also, I forgot to say, commiserations to those in the frame but who didn’t make the final cut. I think each actor/actress would have provided something unique and different too. I’ll also miss the very wonderful Peter Capaldi – we’re very lucky to have him as part of the Doctor Who family.

    Lordwindowlicker @lordwindowlicker

    ExFan, are those characters Timelords?   Do we know that they can change sex?
    What exactly is your problem?

    Ubik @ubik

    “… Some characters should not be messed with ( James Bond, Captain Kirk, Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Who and so on).” (edited by me)

    Here’s the thing.

    Only one of the above is portrayed as an occasionally shape-shifting alien of undetermined gender, if, indeed, gender, as we understand it, actually exists on Gallifrey.

    Devilishrobby @devilishrobby

    Oops forgot to follow the thread when I posted

    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord

    Just to reiterate my extreme delight with this move.

    And all those in the ‘RIP Dr Who. I’ll never watch again. Waaah brigade’, perhaps you should ask yourself why this news provokes such a visceral, knee-jerk reaction in you. Might be a sign that you have to take a long, hard look at some of your attitudes.

    And perhaps you should also take on board the fact that the show at its heart is about a) change b) a resistance to intolerance and c) an undying sense of wonder. If you can’t approach the show in that spirit then the chances are you’ve never really been a true fan of it at all.

    (And the argument that there’s never been a female Bond/Sherlock/delete as applicable doesn’t wash either. First of all, there’s no reason why there couldn’t be in the future. And besides which, the basic — and eminently established — concept of this show puts Who in the unique situation of being able to explore such concepts as gender change.

    In short, to my mind, there’s no serious, conceivable reason — beyond basic sexism — that there shouldn’t be a female Doctor.)

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    CoenusScaldingus @coenusscaldingus

    Another new member here – although one with a more positive outlook than some. ^^

    After the previous two series, I for one would have been shocked had it not been a woman. To some extent disappointed too, perhaps. The writing was as heavily on the wall as the scribbles of a madman.

    Turned on the telly in time for just a few minutes of sports commentary (which I can’t help but dislike). The hand looked feminine, the face confirmed both it, and that I didn’t immediately know who she was! So, as for the actual choice: looking forward to seeing what she (and the new writer of course) makes of the role. Capaldi I only knew from the Thick of It, which meant I was both keen to see his Doctor, and simultaneously completely blank on what kind of Doctor he would be (assuming a full-on Malcolm Tucker was off the books). Whittaker I have only seen in a single episode of Black Mirror, where she was good, albeit mundane. Then again, her part was that of an ordinary person! It hardly tells you what kind of time-traveling alien she would be. Bring on the next series! (Although I’ll miss Capaldi. Quite possibly my favourite Doctor.)


    PS. When seeing the hooded figure, did anybody else think: Idris Elba? Would happily have watched that too. (Or was he only in the running as the next Bond? I can’t keep up, the discussion threads tend to be so similar.)

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    Craig @craig

    Anonymous @

    I take your point job jimthefish. Change yes and intolerance. Ok, will give her a chance, but still feel that until this series introduced the idea of the Doctor being male or female, he was always male. Going back to the first Doctor, he was definitely male. He was a grandfather not a grandmother. William Hartnell was believable from the off. Let’s see how “the new girl” does in the part. So perhaps not “ExFan” but still to be convinced!

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