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    @SuzanneMS Certainly can make for some interesting storytelling!

    I totally agree! It’s very topical for what’s been happening in the world in recent years and in the evolution of general attitudes. I suppose it’s easier to explore some tough/sensitive questions through stories.

    Weddings are apparently a ‘thing’ for TLs, so if it means the same…[Read more]

  • ThumbnailIt’s okay to post images from the trailer, right?
    Just an observation…

    His face is so wide, he needs three mirrors. 😯

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    “Have you seen the size of Lego brains? They’re hilarious!”

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    Thanks for the warm welcome!

    A favorite Doctor… Ooo, hmmm… Clara? :mrgreen:
    But seriously, how could I choose just one? Like you said, they’re all great!

    Yes, big academic influence from the family. My father was a teacher, too. History. Great storyteller. But for this particular happy memory, I place the blame squarely on my…[Read more]

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    Ahh, hello there! I’m new, of course. New to the forum, and fairly new to the fandom. By way of introduction, I suppose here is as good a place as any to start.

    I’ve known of Doctor Who for as long as I can remember. The show itself was a bit hard to find in the States back when I was a kid, but my older brother, nerdishly-inclined (read:…[Read more]

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