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    That’s well done.  As a web designer I love seeing this sort of stuff.  CSS isn’t very exciting, but I like what you are doing with the HTML5.  Love it.

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    Well, I am doing well with my collection of autographed photo’s for my 11 year old daughter, well in my world, my little boy, who is more into classic Dr. Who than most adults I know.  🙂  It’s Jolly good fun.  (But damn hard to get some of the autographs).

    Anna's Collection


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    Awesome.  That was perfect.  Thank you for the laugh.   (Big bugs bunny fan here)

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    @bluesqeekpip even though I found this episode a great way to catch a nap, I am glad for the uptick in overnight ratings.  I believe that this episode needed more explosions and lasers.

    Clara was tolerable and not really anything regarding her character stood out.  Danny is pushing it a bit with the doctor with his PE marching of the kids.

    the l…[Read more]

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    This episode just felt ..  Blah…  All of those little boys..   This year has been one of the most fun I’ve watched.  I’ve always enjoyed grumpy old men as the main character.   Things just seem funnier.

    Matt smith grew too washy washy for my old bones.  He’s for the kids and ladies.  Capaldi is for those of us who answer the door to a trick…[Read more]

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    Re watched the episode.  At the start, the guy on the phone distinctly said “I figured out who HE is”.  I’m leaning more towards the he is the master and the master is the she. 😉

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    @rebostar some people get funny about vents.  It’s funny that we thought the same thing.  My eleven year old daughter loves Capaldi, thinks he is much like Baker.

    Clara is better this year than in the past.  So much so that I wonder why I don’t like her.  Maybe it’s the whole Danny thing.

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    @purofilion maybe I wasn’t clear.  I loved the episode, probably rates as one of the best of the season.  This is the first one that had me laughing out loud a lot, yet thinking, how cool is that.  Capaldi is brilliant.  Maybe so much that I want to see and hear more of him.   Just maybe the dislike of Clara brings out the best of capa…[Read more]

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    @ReboStar  Bingo!  Capaldi can hold the show, let him.  Even the camera angles put him off to the side much more often than in the past.

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    @mudlark She is really grinding on me.  Can someone blow her into the next universe and bury her with the Daleks.  Or, maybe kindly hand her a jacket and escort her to her next engagement.   (don’t get out of whack, a little Strax talk there.)

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    This episode was written well, but god almighty.  I want more Doctor and less Clara.  I’ve had it with that little boy.

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