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    Thanks! glad you like the track. Im so glad there are people who like series 9 cause it really hit a nerve with me (although I have lost someone so it makes it more poignant-but then again, most people have I guess) It kind of frustrates me when people keep saying that the writing in series 9 is weak cause Im like ‘WHAT???!’ Its so deep and moving…[Read more]

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    Sherlock Spoiler alert!

    yeah I liked the Sherlock episode-I saw a lot of the Doctor in him when he was being rude (but funny!) I thought that it was pretty obvious  that the suicide was just theatrics-so I wasnt too mystified by that element, but I loved the mystery of who was behind it and why the man (I cant remember his name, Im terrible at…[Read more]

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    Did anyone else just go ‘huh??!!’ at the end of this? Kind of like how I went ‘huh??! ‘ at the end of the Sherlock Christmas special.

    I was a bit confused about how the monsters form. I mean, does the dust just collect in piles on the floor and take on a life of its own? And what did he mean by them being digested? cause he said they didnt attack…[Read more]

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    OK Im a bit of a late replyer to this post but I only just found the forum. I can get over how amazing it was!! It  was so beautiful, dark and inspiring!! The theme of persevereance really resonated with me! I dont care what anyone else says, series 9 is the best and most moving series of any TV show Ive seen! The only other thing that has ever…[Read more]

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