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    Did Me not already give the chip to the Sam Swift character played by Rufus Hound ?

    I wouldn’t have thought Clara actually needed the chip, she already has no heartbeat so I would imagine it would be difficult for her to be killed or die in the usual way anyway. I would also imagine if the chip had the ability to make Clara…[Read more]

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    Enjoyed the episode on the whole. Think I would have liked some kind of big reveal as to who or what the Hybrid was a la John Hurts appearance in NoTD rather the current uncertainty, is the Hybrid really just a myth?

    I think the most logical is Ashildr’s final theory, with the Hybrid being Clara and The Doctor. Half Dalek Half TimeLord, is it…[Read more]

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    Hey guys,
    New here so be gentle! Not read the whole topic as of yet but read a fair bit, some great reading!


    I have my own little bonkers theory going at the minute, obviously Capaldi will be the new Doctor, but potentially when his time is up (Not wanting to wish his time away before its even begun) could we possibly see David Tennant return…[Read more]

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