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    I want to know, why was only present day changed, because if the Doctor died on that Christmas a lot worse would happen, the Pyrovile would have took over from Pompeii, the Carrionites would have took over Shakespearean England, the Daleks would have an army of Dalek-Human hybrids. And that is the only ones I remember from the top of my head, it…[Read more]

  • I love this episode, but there is one thing I find worth pointing out that I’m surprised not many people picked up on, when asking the Atraxi, “Is this world protected?”. They show scenes from episodes that do not happen on Earth, like the Cybermen from the Parallel Earth in Age of Steel and Rise of the Cybermen; the Ood from┬áthe Satan Pit,…[Read more]

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    I was rewatching the new seasons, (just starting Season 3), and suddenly realised something that, I was probably too emotional at the first time to see, and that is, Rose could’ve stayed with the Doctor, in fact all of them could, this revolves from two points A) TARDIS went through the void but didn’t get sent in, and B) Jackie doesn’t have any…[Read more]

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