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    I don’t get that there is a problem with the ‘immortal’ Clara.  She has to go back and face the Raven someday – and potentially has, what, 4.5 billion years to get to Gallifrey the long way round in order to be returned to face her death.  Not a bad innings!   Unless she gets tired of it before then.  I agree that she could in pri…

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    No I don’t think anyone has said this and it’s a great idea. So she doesn’t ever have to face the raven? Awesome idea!

    She’d still have to face the raven, but she’s clever enough to pull an Impossible Astronaut-type death stunt: rig the game so that you only appear to die. As Me said in Face the Raven, you can’t cheat death by the q…[Read more]

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    I haven’t read anything since the page my last post was on, so I may repeat someone else’s novel ideas unknowingly. Anyway, I’ve thought of some things that make the plot better for me, as far as making sense of Me’s and Clara’s longevity.

    The chip that the Doctor implanted in Me was originally installed in the armor of a Mire warrior, not in the…[Read more]

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    So, I still need to get through this page’s posts, but two ideas crossed my mind, and they constitute a reasonable joint resolution to the Clara-still-needs-to-die-but-has-no-reason-to problem. First, presumably, the extraction program won’t remain active forever in local Gallifreyan time (do you really think it’s still going when Me and the…[Read more]

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    Hm. Mixed bag. I prefer Moffat over Davies, but his finales are never very airtight — they’re huge in scope and impact (which is the part I enjoy), but there are always plot threads that they either don’t tie up or don’t tie up satisfactorily, or there are logical… issues. As an example of the latter: I’m perfectly ok with Clara “surviving” and…[Read more]

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    @nerys In The Day of the Doctor, the Time Lords should have seen 13 TARDIS’s seal them in the pocket universe. To my mind, Doctor 12’s participation in said event was necessary in order to convine the TL’s to give him another cycle of regenerations in the very next episode, since Doctor 10 “wasted” an entire regeneration on his own face. If 12…[Read more]


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    Oh, yes, now I remember more of what I was going to say. Something else that needs to be explained is the presence of the messages about “12”. How would the TL’s, Missy, or anyone but Clara, really, know about that number’s relation to the Doctor?

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    Excellent episode and probably the best this season. Possibly the best of these two seasons, competing with Listen if nothing else.

    There are some dangling threads that need explained, though. If this castle scenario was created by the Time Lords, whence the mangifier and the picture of Clara? And the grave? Surely the TL’s couldn’t know about…[Read more]

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    @jphamlore Hm, I thought the Ood we saw with the Cyberman was a “man” doing some repairs or modifications to him. No idea what the wife was.

    @ichabod In the Series 2 episode in which Ten and Rose went to Pete’s world, as well as in Death in Heaven, we saw a Cyberman’s emotional inhibitor thing deactivated, revealing what was left of the original…[Read more]

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    As far as the color sand-footage of Clara unlocking the TARDIS is concerned, I think some of the footage that the Doctor reviewed when the sand-as-camera revelation was made was also in color. I noticed it then and thought it odd. Not sure what to make of it.

    When the Doctor said something about the situation being like a story, I immediately…[Read more]

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    Good episode. Not my favorite genre, but the comedic aspects were welcome, just as in Robot of Sherwood. Like someone else here said, I think it was concealing some very important things. Also, even though I’ve now seen plenty of British TV, the accents still trick me sometimes. I thought “the Maya/Maia” were attacking the viking village, and that…[Read more]

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    <span class=”useratname”>@bluesqueakpip</span>

    I only saw two posts from sarah-jane109. Are there more? I’d like to give him/her the benefit of the doubt on not being a troll, because at least one of the allegations in his/her first post seems true from my own experience, and his/her final post doesn’t strike me as something a…[Read more]

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    Under the Lake was great, and the suspense ramped up enough at the end to make me really anticipate the conclusion. It’s exactly for that reason — the suspense — that I enjoyed it more than Before the Flood, however. That said, this episode wasn’t bad at all, and its positives were different from its predecessor’s. Moffat-era Who just wouldn’t…[Read more]

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    Ok, after seeing that screencap of the hand in Day of the Doctor, I definitely think it’s Clara’s, and she’s actually turned toward the camera — a fact concealed by whatever she’s grabbing. I’m still wondering how it makes sense for 12 to turn up in that episode, though, and what he might be there for if his presence isn’t necessary to “pocket”…[Read more]

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    i just went back to investigate, and the hand on the picture frame is clara’s. as awkward as the angle is, it’s her right hand, and she’s pulling herself around the edge of the picture, as if she had been hiding just to the inside of it (to avoid the exploding dalek, i assume).

    That’s unfortunate. I was hoping it was Missy, becau…[Read more]

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    Someone earlier got me to thinking about the hand in Day of the Doctor: when the Doctors emerge from the painting, Clara follows them out, but we first see a hand that, if I remember correctly, seems to be the hand of the opposite side. Who would reach across themselves to grab onto something like that? It always looked weird to me, because it…[Read more]

  • @arbutus I had actually been thinking of the two episodes with Craig while I was writing that post! I really did like them, although I must admit that the second could have been better (it was a “the power of love” episode).

    I like either approach. But see, I only started watching DW as it came out with The Snowmen. Before that, I had breezed…[Read more]

  • I was also very taken aback when I saw the huge negative response to this episode, especially considering that Kill the Moon seemed to have been praised about as much as this one is being scorned (moreso, actually). As some others upthread have elaborated upon, I also felt that the bad science in this episode was excusable, unlike in Kill the…[Read more]

  • Before I read anyone else’s posts on this thread, I just have to say that, whereas I had extreme disappointment for the last episode, this one was awesome! Looking forward to the next (and the “wall people” remind me of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, where you can merge with walls and move along them before emerging).

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