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    Thinking things over I have a theory that as others have said RTD and Moffit have been laying the foundations for there to be a female actor take on the role so when Chibnall was interviewed that would have been part of his brief and from there it made sense to choose JW having worked together on Broard Church and having had opportunity to together discuss and plan how it could be delivered ?

    Another theory is that the Master turns up and somehow interferes with the regeneration to get his own back and to let the DR see how he copes with being in a female body ?

    Ok just theories but interesting that when the Master regenerated as a women he chose to be known as Missy so maybe the DR could choose to be known as Ohhh Matron ….. just joking



    It is natural for there to be polarised views on something as major as this and the thing about Dr Who is that it has been about for a long time and is loved by many generations and by male and female audiences. I reserve my right to say that I feel this is a mistake and accept others will welcome the change but that is about choice and opinion.

    Maybe the change will keep it fresh and attract new audiences and although I have enjoyed the last series they can not keep rolling out the same “monsters” so a kick start may open new doors and new adventures and directions and inject momentum.

    Maybe its time to fix the chameleon circuit and loose the old police box as its hardly relevant to today’s modern audience as it was when the series started back in the 60’s.

    Maybe its time to bring back K9 as a companion ?



    The first time sign ups are here because we feel strongly enough to join and make comments. Welcome us and embrace new blood. I have been a Dr Who fan for many years and watched every episode plus films, audio and book formats and believe I have the right to a veiw or is this a restrictive club ? I do not like the casting decision but I do not judge those who do. Time will tell if this is a good move but it’s not for me



    A fan from the start but time to depart. For me the ending of the last series will be the end … the doctor is met by his original self the circle is complete. The sooner the BBC becomes a subscription service the sooner I can show my displeasure by canceling it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)