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    My 10y/o was very cross that the master, who he loves, had changed into a woman! However, about 15 mins later he was loving it!

    I thought it was a great part 1, although over far too quickly!

    I didn’t really understand why Clata destroying TARDIS keys was a threat, surely he can just click his fingers?

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    Well, how very un-bonkers

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    My 10year old isn’t sure, he’s switching between Missy being God to Missy watching the Doctor like a TV program collecting all the dead characters. That fits my original Fangirl theory (@whist).

    My 13y/o […]

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    Just quickly wanted to jump in to give my thoughts on this episode after reading all your posts.

    We’ve just spent a week in Thetford forest so this seemed like a very apt episode.

    It really didn’t gel with me at all, for a number of reasons. I don’t think it was an awful episode, my kids seemed to like it well enough, I just didn’t really…[Read more]

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    All this talk of it being in Clara’s head made me have a nice bit of bonkers as I made my coffee.

    I remembered how a line in the last episode made me think of how Donna wanted to save at least one family from […]

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    @phileasf nice theory linking Handles to Missy but would that mean Missy can’t be the WitS? Not sure if she could go back on the time stream like that?

    @mudlark good call on the outfit being Edwardian. Makes […]

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    Just spotted the BBC have put up a Missy page. Nothing new there but interesting theta they list her under both villain &character sections.

    Also, just had a thought that many have mentioned that we may get an […]

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    @janneteb Love your idea that Danny and the Doctor are  related. That is much more interesting to me than Clara being related. They haven’t interacted much but they certainly seem to be able to rub each other the wrong way, like only family members can! Perhaps he is Susan’s grandson?

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    Loving everyone’s input, especially the ones I missed or brushed past in my top 10.

    For some reason I have longed to see the Rani return since David Tennant first series. I don’t really know why as I’m not even […]

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    @lisa I don’t think she’s a claricle, in fact I’m willing to put money on it!

    Also, I’m sure Clara called the TARDIS from her the Maitland’s home phone. She was only given a number from the WitS, which I always thought was just on a piece of paper

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    @Barnable, I’m glad you went into a bit more detail as I couldn’t make any sense out of your previous post!

    A few things on your theory

     I think Doctor/Clara are living in a pocket universe right now. The […]

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    @MelloYello, My consensus (and I believe the general thoughts within the forum) is as follows

    Their is Clara-Prime. This is the original, natural, completely ordinary 21st Century Clara that the Doctor found in Bells of St John.

    In Name of the Doctor Clara-Prime jumped into the Doctor’s time-scar and was split across his whole time line. On the…[Read more]

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    Thanks everyone. I can hardly wait for us all to be proved wrong!

    @PhileasF Nice picking up on Missy’s characteristics and actual words. I agree that there’s too little evidence to draw conclusions on what the […]

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    @TheDoctorsOtter, @fangirl-slowly Welcome along, always nice to hear some new voices on the forum. You’ll find a whole range of people on here, from those who watched the original episodes in the 1960s to the more recent newbies who’ve managed to binge-watch  the 8 new series in a couple of months!

    @fangirl-slowly, like @Spider said, I’m aware…[Read more]

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    @scaryb, @geoffers you are making my head spin with all the things about the thing!

    @arbutus & all, my Missy blog is up now, enjoy

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    Just quickly popping back in to let you know my Missy blog post is up on the forum Missy Who?, we can use it as a central place to share our Missy theories before all is revealed!

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    Thanks @craig, looking forward to hearing everyone else’s thoughts & theories!

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    @DrBen, I forgot about the special dino Optic-nerve, good connection!

    @Mudlark, I suppose the “window” behind Missy does look like the newer style Cyberman eyes. Perhaps she has been miniaturised into a cyberman (just like the Doctor in Into the Dalek)

    @Ixion I noticed those numbers on the wall and also thought it was to show how the boneless…[Read more]

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    I was putting together my Missy theories and it became more of a blog article! I’ll formulate it properly and send it to @Craig to see if he fancies sticking it up.

    In the meantime, I’ll add a few of the juicy bits we get from her in this episode

    Why do people think this episode proves she is a baddie? The “evil” laugh? I didn’t particularly get…[Read more]

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    Got to finally watch the episode last night and just caught up on all the great posts here.

    I actually loved this episode, it seemed so bizarre from the get-go I thought it would be really cheesey but, despite all the comedy, it actually managed to be really scary and unnerving. Great work by the Director I guess. Not to mention the writer and…[Read more]

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