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    One quick prediction: Masie is River

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    Hello fellow theorizers,

    Thank you for the warm welcome @ScaryB @Spider @Arbutus, I’m happy to be back too. Sorry I couldn’t answer sooner – I also felt like nothing I could say would bring anything new to the discussion.

    In retrospect and on a second watching – especially with this new episode the 3 week long party for himself was fun.

    @Spider[Read more]

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    Looks like in general I am one of the more skepical ones on here. Most of you arent bothered by the sudden change of tone between Clara/the Doctor/Missy.

    I mean just a few episodes ago Clara wanted Missy dead. D-E-A-D.”If you ever let her live, today and everything that happened is your fault!” And the Doctor felt happy to oblidge as…[Read more]

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    Hello fellow writers,

    I have just seen the newest episode.

    This is…. new/weird/odd/surprising/bold/fake/confusing/mind boggeling….

    I really just finished watching a second ago and my mind is completely blank. This entire episode is like when you know a good friend is telling you a fake story. Like you know it’s a lie and you still go “wtf…[Read more]

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    What did you guys think of the flashbacks? They are a rather new technique for Doctor Who, aren’t they?

    Personally, I’d love for them to expand. I don’t mean they should be overused. But Matt and Capaldi and every future Doctor should film snippets that can be used even after that Doctor regenerated. It adds depth to the story in my opinion.

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    @macphisto96 Yes, I know that. As I said I understand the reasons but I am still reminded of what’s missing when I see 11. That’s not to say I don’t like 12. They shouldn’t be compared. And to burden oneself without complaint is really not something only british people do.

    @Barnable What kind of clues did we get (besides figuring out who Missy…[Read more]

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    I liked this episode and I liked all the characters throughout this season. Especially Missy, the computer AI (pardon me, I forgot the actors name;his performance made me chuckle), Clara and PC.

    This episode has had some nice moments -I wasn’t fooled for a second that Clara was supposed to be the Doctor (I suppose this scene was created to show…[Read more]

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    I want to make some predictions for the final episode:

    We know that the Master chose Clara. We know he can supervise the Doctor from afar  (bank). We know that Clara would betray the Doctor in order to save Danny.

    So the Master and Clara will defnitely meet again in this episode (funny that Clara didn’t recognize him in the morgue…).…[Read more]

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    What an episode.

    What a chilling thought to be left concious of your body when you are dead. Will give me a lot to think about for a loooooooong time. Really freaks me out.

    Kudos to the people who solved the Mistress/Master puzzle. *Hands out cookies*

    Though I’m slightly dissapointed there is no new villain or someone fresh from the past….. I…[Read more]

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    @WhoGirl I agree with you. Something I can’t put my finger on is missing. PC is doing a great job, good acting skills…. JCs acting was also quite subtle (as in natural/good).

    I don’t know why but I don’t have the need to guess along as much. It’s just sitting and waiting what they are going to present us with – no big clues to mole over – no…[Read more]

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    I don’t know who said it anymore but in one late night reading someone said (I think it was on this episode) he would like to see the Doctor make a choice to sacrifice someone and have the audience agree that it was the right choice, that that would be something he would like to see and I wholeheartedly disagree. This is a kids/family show and I…[Read more]

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    @Barnable Thanks for that.

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    @Arbutus @purofilion @DrBen

    Yeah after your comments I watched it again and that made me realize how cold 12 is. He is playing his version of 12 perfectly, I don’t have any objections. 11 Is just so much warmer, a quality that the 12th Doctor hardly shows.

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    @idiotsavon Sorry the answer is so late. I did a bit of reading (it’s been a few years since school time German lessons) and the idea of Brecht is to have theatre do more than just entertain. Brecht wanted to show social differences to further social and political change. This is especially true for the proletariat.

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    I haven’t read it all (yet), but I wanna reply before I forget my thought.

    @Phaseshift “he lights the fire” That is a flashback to the Day of the Doctor “It is the privilege of lesser man to light the fire/flame”

    Quite a lot references to the past in this season. I do wish they would give us more for the story arc. This episode was okay for me -…[Read more]

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    Liked that episode. Had a feel of ‘the arrow’ and ‘mission impossible’ at some points.

    Not confused by anyting, surely a standalone.

    The only thing I didn’t like : ‘beat that for a date’ – The Doctor is competing with Mr. Pink. I don’t like that whole boyfriend theme.

    Also: When the Doctor gets hugged at 43:36 He rubs his arm uncomfortably.…[Read more]

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    Has anybody commented on the commical noise when the Doctor puts himself to sleep? That’s rather unusual for DW, isn’t it?

    Also: ‘On the other side’ Is a reference to the promised land, the netherspere as well as the more practical restaurant location.

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    @Bluesqueakpip Man, Moffat knowing Goethe is as surreal to me as Tom Hanks knowing Eisenhüttenstadt (a city in the far east, so far east that we jokingly say it’s west Poland.), a place I did a bike tour to once.

    @idiotsavon Hey, that’s what this place is for! Getting new ideas while contemplating…[Read more]

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    Just checking in if some new revelations have occured (I usually stop posting after a few days of an episode because there is no new input and I like to speculate with something to back up ideas)  in my absence and I find Faust to be back in the game?! Very surprised and pleased all the same.

    Some nice motives @idiotsavon … The real question…[Read more]

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