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    UNITgirl @replies

     I don’t understand why the master had to supply a new telephone cable when I thought that all plastic-covered cables had a life of their own.

    He had to fit a new cable because old telephone cables were not covered with plastic, they had a sort of cloth-covered flex and cable. They were also ‘fixed’ into the wall, so you couldn’t just lean down and ‘unclip’ it from the socket as you can now.

    UNITgirl @replies

    “What’s astonishing considering the legends that have built up around the Brig and the Doctor is how little time they actually spend together even in this, their most active partnership. ”

    This may not be the best story to judge that, as some of Nick Courtney’s lines and scenes were re-written and given to Richard Franklin, to take some of the pressure off Nick while he was recovering from the mini-breakdown he had when filming started.

    UNITgirl @replies

    Hi all, new here.

    My favourite companion was always the Brigadier (actually, I used to watch Dr Who in the early 70s  because of the gorgeous guy in uniform, not because of the Time Lord).

    (I know that there’s an issue around the Brigadier being a ‘companion’ or not, but if he isn’t – where to post?)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)