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    I think this episode was not one of my favourites. (Clara was great though!)

    The Architect twist could have been cool, if they hadn’t rushed the explanation so much. Personally I think this episode is the worst of Peter Capaldi yet, although that isn’t really saying much as he’s been a fantastic Doctor. I did like that there were two creatures,…[Read more]

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    (Ragged breathing) too… much… paradoxes to contain at once… blurgh (Faints from over-Doctor Who-ey-ness)


    Alright, slightly over dramatic, but still, this episode is awesome! Fairly anticlimactic and a bit higgledy piggledy, but a good episode nonetheless. I loved the ‘why do you need three mirrors’ bit, and I think having Clara influence…[Read more]

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    Yay! I finally watched deep breath! Alright Peter Capaldi, I apologise for thinking I wouldn’t like you… very good episode, although it felt a tiny bit…. un-doctor-who-ish. I dunno. I loved the bit where Vashtra was ‘painting’ only to be working on their crime investigation! The only bit which really confused me out of the whole thing was the…[Read more]

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    oh, okay, thanks for clearing that up. But the movie wasn’t rubbish! It was pretty good in fact!* (personal opinion, I know, but it really was quite good (except for the eye-keeping-open device, that was just weird.)) Sad to hear that Doctor Who was once cancelled… Good thing it started up again!


    * this may or may not be because I quite like…[Read more]

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    Woohoo! Just watched the Doctor who movie, so now I’m able to blab about it! Paul Mcgann is a good doctor. A lot of people I know who have watched the classics don’t like him, but he’s nice and fits the characteristics of the Doctor. He has very nice hair as well! Too bad he didn’t get more episodes, although he does have all those audiobooks.…[Read more]

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    Just a quick question- where would I go if I wanted to blab my heart out about the Doctor Who movie, which I have just recently watched? I’ve probably skim-read the link about 50 times, but I just can’t find it!

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    that’s one incredible time you must have had! Just going on amusement park rides is more than enough terror for me for a month! Hope the finger gets better soon… or you could just chop it off and throw it into the shadows, my friends would much appreciate the snack ๐Ÿ˜›

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    The Doctor: All of time and space, anything that ever happened or ever will, where do you want to start?

    Amy: well, actually, a quick break to the little girl’s room first would be lovely.

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    wow. Okay. Don’t die. I wouldn’t have that much courage!

  • Well, I think I’ll just jump onto this topic and pour my heart out! ๐Ÿ˜›


    Donna is probably my favourite Doctor. I dislike the romance companions such as Rose as it really puts a halt to friendly fights and I sometimes felt that Rose was too…. how do I put this… mushy? Not the word I’m looking for, but still. Donna was loud, fierce and…[Read more]

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    Thanks, I think I will definitely see how Capaldi develops as the Doctor. I tend to dislike new Doctors for a few months, then absolutely adore them and hate it when they regenerate. I’m sure he’ll be ย a great actor, and I’m really interested to see if they will explain the fires of pompeii in one of his episodes.

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    My favourite Doctor is David Tennant (It isn’t ONLY because of his hair…. that’s about two-sevenths of it), ย with Matt Smith a close second. I admit I haven’t watched many of the classics, alright, I’ve watched five of the classics, but one of those was the caves of Androzani and according to lots of people that’s the best one ever,…[Read more]

  • Oh look, I’ve found my way home!


    I absolutely love this episode… The terrifying repeating of the last sentence you said, the fear of darkness and shadows, and the introduction of River Song! I really like how they introduced her in the tenth doctor’s time line when really most of her interaction is with the eleventh (although I do have a…[Read more]

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    I haven’t actually seen deep breath yet, and will have to record it since I’m busy when it screens on TV. Thanks about the image! *smiles darkly* yes, yes, be afraid!

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    One of the best places is the TARDIS core, a wiki specially for Doctor Who. And with the question of what order to read/listen to/watch things, I would suggest to look out for tell-tale signs like Companions and Doctors that show where the story is parallel to the TV series. Not very helpful but it’s what I do ๐Ÿ™‚

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    way to make me sad tennantlove ๐Ÿ˜› just kidding, but still brings a tear to my eye. My thoery is when she sayd “and the baby” and quickly replies “It’s Mums” she’s actually lying, she’s the one who is pregnant but she knows if the real doctor knew this then he would rip apart the time vortex to be with her and would ultimately destroy the universe.

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    Midnight is probably my second favorite tenth doctor episode, after silence in the library as you might have guessed, because the monster is unseen. That really adds an aspect of fear because you aren’t quite sure where it is at any time. And like the angels and the silence ย you directly interact with it- with the angels you have to look at them…[Read more]

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    Hello! I’m new here… don’t really have a clue what’s going on, didn’t find an introduction page and thought I’d pop in here instead! I’ve watched all of series 1-7, and some old ones such as the caves of androzani so I like to think I know at least a bit about Doctor who, so hello!

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