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    Who thinks Santa will prove to be a bit twisted? A “real” Santa would be hard to swallow. Not Missy twisted, but twisted nevertheless. I am thinking that the mantra “who has been good and who has been bad” might be interestingly interpreted by our Santa (who surely will be an alien). Recall the Doctor deciding he wasn’t a good man. That would…[Read more]

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    We have dead Danny Pink getting a phone call from Clara, who asserts she wants to be with him.  She hasn’t said anything about bringing him back to the living (proper) so he must think that she  has in mind killing herself so as to be with him in the neterworld. So, when she demands a proof that he is truly her Danny Pink, he must refuse her d…[Read more]

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    @purofilion says

    “Ok, that was pretty dumb:  Clara does lie and that’s bad. Really bad. I’m equally frustrated when she seems to lie -almost without reason. I think Dan is aware of it – and he’s annoyed and angry. That’s fair.”

    I seem to recall Danny remarking in this episode that she had said for some 4 or 5 months that she had not be been in…[Read more]

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    One of my favorite episodes — I don’t require good science out of shows that don’t assert that they are somehow predicated on sound science.

    Now we know why Clara has been lying to Danny so much. He seems to have insisted that she stop going around with the Doctor solving the problems of the universe. We learn that he believed that she had not…[Read more]

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    Thanks @purofilion for your lucid accounts of what is going on in Doctor Who this season.

    One thing  that has me worried it’s what plans Missy has in store for Clara. Her smile at the end of this episode was quite chilling. But one thing I am sure of is that should Missy capture Clara and begin messing with her she will tell Danny that things…[Read more]

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    @Whisht, Danny’s enlisting at 18 might give him the time to earn his sergeants  stripes, but not also perhaps to gain sufficient education to qualify him as a maths teacher. Joining up at 18 and then spending 8 years in the military to get his stripes puts him at 26. Adding 4 more years of university study to qualify him as a maths teacher puts…[Read more]

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    I think Courtney will become a companion, if only an accidental one. In the preview of next week’s episode I caught a glimpse (out of the corner of me eye :-)) of someone I took to be her. Recall that she went out of sight to have her spillage incident. Perhaps the Doctor takes off without checking to see where she is. He seems to be fond of her…[Read more]

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    @whisht.  I reviewed the arrow shot in slow motion and must agree that it penetrated an engine, though not very deeply.  I can see how I got the wrong idea.  So, we are stuck with the fantastical idea that somehow the gold in the arrow might bleed into such circuit boards as were gold deficient, or some such thing.  However, this is a sci…[Read more]

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    @Handles, @Barnable.  You write  The plot was also good. I thought it was a little strange that the main point was hoarding gold, but the sheriff was giving away a golden arrow for winning the archery contest? Although the arrow did provide a good ending for the story, IF ONLY the arrow had gone into the ship. :angry:

    The point of the arrow sh…

    [Read more]

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    I have a deep-seated prejudice against ostensibly serious/dark shows that drop in a comedy episode from time to time.  X-Files used to aggravate me by doing that at least once a season. So, I really didn’t like this episode, at least the Sherwood Forest bits where there was all that “bantering” going on that the Doctor rightly objected to. H…[Read more]

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    Its not bigger on the inside than the outside after all.

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    We are told by one member here that our little show has been captured by anti-military leftists and is engaging in brainwashing us, presumably because The Doctor rejects Ms Blue’s request to join him on his adventures. This, off course, is insufficient since Clara has been aggressively courting Danny Pink, himself an ex-military guy. My guess is…[Read more]

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    People who say that plots are predictable are claiming whether they realize it or not that that when they see X occur followed by Y, they know exactly what will occur next. So seeing humans in a damaged ship engaged in hostilities with Daleks) we will next see one of more of them in the Tardis (not too surprising), which would itself have landed…[Read more]

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    I must say that this is the most amazing forum I have ever stopped by to take a look ar. I started, of course, with the most recent activity but am pleased that early doctors are not ignored.  I am a little intimidated by experienced Whovians who know so much more than I about the Doctor.

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    I was especially struck by Capaldi’s Doctor making reference  early in his regeneration  to the people he encountered as having pudding brains (I forget the exact term).  Matt’s doctor, recall, obsessed over pudding during his regeneration, eating gobs of fish sticks dunked in pudding.  I think it is clear that our new doctor will be quite intell…[Read more]

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