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    Thank you my good sir.
    You have set my inner nerd bones all a-tingle! 😀

  • @JimTheFish I can’t help but see some cohesive functionality to the whole Trek meets Who motif. I mean, sure… The Enterprise and her crew tend to focus on more sociological morals, but come on. The idea of Picard encountering the very thing he’s not accustomed to — the ludricous, mad-as-a-hatter nature of The Doctor and his eccentricities –…[Read more]

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    We should start a petition for the group 2CELLOS to make a rendition of the Doctor Who theme…

    Or Star Trek’s TNG theme…

    Or anything nerdy, really.

    Youtube would explode.

  • @wolfweed

    What makes you say that it’s the worst piece of merchandise out there? I think it’s brilliant, crossing over two large-scale science fiction shows together!

    It’s like, the day Peanut Butter met Chocolate… It just seems to work, no?

  • @wolfweed Thanks a bunch! My laptop’s been stuck on Bing, and I dare not sully a search for Matt Smith’s adventures with a Bing-generated response. (Shudders)


    On a related note, has anyone here seen WHOLOCK on Youtube yet!?

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    @JimTheFish …I think a comparison of Sontarans everywhere wouldn’t mind a comparison to pickles, considering that the age-old likening to potatoes might be slightly overused.
    (Or, perhaps I haven’t had dinner yet…)



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    “I’m from Gallifrey, boys!”


    * spend the next 10 minutes crying from a regeneration *

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    Despite what anyone says… I’d have really loved to have seen an entire season of Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor.



    Back to Tennant it is.

  • This has to be one of the creepiest episodes of Who I’ve ever seen…


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  • Does anyone have any images of the Star Trek – Doctor Who crossover comic that IDW released!?

    That thing’s eluded me like the plague…

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