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    Judging by the photo I’m pretty certain that it’s Ground Ivy (glechoma hederacea) which is fairly common in woodland and shady places and flowers April-June (no relation of hedera helix, obviously)

  • Paging @mudlark, paging…

    Any idea what this is (in woodland)?

    Not sure...will check

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    I watched the episode this morning in anticipation. Andred is easily convinced by the Doctor turning from would be assassin to ally in the “bat of an eye”. the Doctor really lays on the eccentricity in this episode. As noted before T.B. is in his element in this story, really enjoying himself which does detract a little from the impact of the…[Read more]

  • Sorry for the slightly late posting again. I wasn’t being held at gunpoint – my parents were visiting and only left this afternoon. There’s an Invasion of Time joke in there somewhere.

    Andred’s attempt to kill the Doctor fails and the other guards have the Doctor’s back, imprisoning Andred in the TARDIS. The Doctor tells him the Matrix has been…[Read more]

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    Thank you so much.

    My grandson and I are now watching it.

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    @rggoodie You are looking for An Adventure in Time and Space, a dramatisation of the beginning of Dr Who. I indeed love that scene you are describing.



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    New to the forum, but have been a Dr Who fan since 1967, when I discovered him on television in New Zealand.

    In recent years I have seen a episode – perhaps a TV movie about the creation of the series. In the episode it showed the selection the the cranky doctor the design of the interior of the Tardis made on a desktop.

    I am trying to locate…[Read more]

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  • @JannetteB – yes, I agree that this story, hurriedly written as it was, plays to the leading actors strengths. It takes advantage of Baker’s unpredictability, and Louise Jameson has a good, strong role to play as Leela – who, as you say, shows off how she’s grown while she was with the Doctor.

    Rodan does indeed have an inner strength. She has her…[Read more]

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    @bluesqueakpip Another excellent overview. Finally got time to watch the episode. Things are speeding up a little. The Doctor in his element, or should I say, Tom Baker is in his element, being the eccentric, enigmatic hero who is at least three jumps ahead of everyone else. He can switch from clown to evil dictator in the flick of an eyelid. I…[Read more]

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    @pedant  Those pics are great and I will google the place later to learn more. Thanks for posting them.

    As for the ospreys, it looks like spring has sprung. As for the tee shirts, I wore one in the 70s and my brother had a poster. Sooooo tacky it makes me blush.

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    Decent episode actually but STOP THAT SNOGGING! I know it’s Tennant’s era but HOLY JESUS!



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  • CAUTION: These rocks are Silurian:


    Strata, close up

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    I am soooo glad of two things:

    1) the story is beginning to make a bit more sense and be less shouty/ silly;
    2) I clicked the link to watch via the dailymotion site where I don’t suffer the “here’s an ad for unicef” every 3 minutes.
    I mean, Unicef is great, but…. ahem.

  • A few years ago a violent storm unearthed the thing is this images (click for more). Those aren’t rocks, but petrified trees from a long-since inundated forest. It is quite unlike anything I’ve seen and downright alien (but probably too precious to be used for any TV shows we might…[Read more]

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  • This is a much better paced, more ‘fun’ episode than last week. Probably because they now have a lot of plot to get through – get Leela and Rodan outside, bring Borusa in on the plot, develop a resistance movement through Andred.
    And room for some terrible puns. ‘A matter of time,’ indeed.

    The weakness of the Time Lords; they’re utilitarian…[Read more]

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    Part two of “The Hungry Earth” / “Cold Blood”.

    The Doctor and Nasreen have found the Silurain city where Amy and others are being held, deep underground. Meanwhile, above ground, Rory and others keep a watch on Alaya.

    Rory! Oh Rory!

    At time of writing, this is on iPlayer for the next 7 months if you’re in the UK.

    For the best viewing…[Read more]

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