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    @thane16  I just watched the Snowmen and decided that next time I have good snow ( lots of snow and temps. about 2 or 3C ) I am going to make a few evil snowmen to scare my granddaughters. Don’t worry, at 14 and 10 years old they are not easily scared and the youngest is a fan so she will love it. Last year I had snowmen with protest signs…[Read more]

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    @craig  Where would I find your script because I would like to read it. I hope your message works.

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    @craig That’s awesome!! I have this odd feeeeling. Timey-whimey: I can imagine the original writers and producers watching something like this and between them, saying “uh? That’s OUR Tardis.” That’s a ….a …cyberman….dancing the tango?”

    Like a channel blip for CAL in that Library.

    @Winston I’m sorry. Yes I recall now, Ontario!  Snowmen, Ah…[Read more]

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    @thane16   I don’t live in B.C. but I wish I did. I live in Ontario and we are usually blanketed in snow and freezing through the winter months. My daughter lives on Vancouver Island on the west coast and her weather is rainy but much warmer in the winter. It is a rain forest with giant ,huge trees that cars could drive through. Meanwhile it s…[Read more]

  • @idiotsavon

    For two languages to converge in any meaningful sense, surely their syntax and grammar would have to dovetail somehow – which is impossible.

    English has its roots in as High Germanic, but the influence of French on it is such that it is impossible to miss and modern English would not exist as it does without a big ‘ole dash of old F…[Read more]

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    A short piece t’other place with an extract from an Observer article from December 1966, on the place of the Daleks in Who. Some great photos from behind the scenes of “The Power of the Daleks”.




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    @pedant I see what you’re saying. I think we’re probably on the same page but maybe the problem is my understanding of the word convergence.

    My take is this: If you put two different groups of people together, speaking different languages, the people will want and need to communicate, as you say.
    So the first generation will establish a very…[Read more]

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    I don’t think the two theories are mutually exclusive – far from it.

    They aren’t, I agree. The evidence suggests that the Europe, Asia and the Americas were originally populated by descendants of very small groups of modern humans who survived a bottleneck in their migration from Africa, and since we can assume these migrants and the…[Read more]

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    So the Doctor (well, Stacey Dooley – who is almost a real-life version of the Doctor) won this year’s ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ (or ‘Dancing With The Stars’ as it’s called in the US).’

    Big congrats to her.

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    @ichabod The one that immediately springs to mind is “Bladerunner”. The studio forced Ridley Scott and Harrison Ford to lay down a voiceover, as they thought no one would understand the film. You can tell Ford was bored with the whole thing. In the “director’s cut” they dropped the voiceover and added a few extra elements.

    A lot of people think…[Read more]

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    @bluesqueakpip Cool. I hope she’ll be voting for Plaid Cymru. 🙂

  • Yes, I’d love that — maybe some day, but I doubt it — unless BBC thought they could make Big Bucks from selling that on DVD.  There may be contractual problems with coming around later to do that, too?  At any rate, I doubt they’ll bother . . . maybe some day after the whole program ends.  But I rather have the program keep going, and just im…[Read more]

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    My Mum is Welsh, and has now retired back there. Just saying.

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    @thane16 (puro)

    (Moving the horticultural advice column to the pub, which seems a more appropriate place than the sofa for such a topic. Anyway I feel I need a drink).

    I looked up potential problems with lavender and it seems that the most likely cause of yellowing leaves is a fungal disease which attacks the roots, leaving them black and mushy,…[Read more]

  • @idiotsavon

    I think it’s just linguistic borrowing for the sake of economy,

    Yes, that’s one of the many mechanisms of convergence.

    Put two groups of people together and their languages will converge, either through creolisation or one being dominant but borrowing heavily from the other. It is even true of accents (witness the way native H…[Read more]

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    @idiotsavon Thank you for taking the time to read my script. I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I may post another one soon.

    The TV version was really good – but it was interesting in that it almost completely focused on the second half of the story. There is little of Billy and Cathy. So, I hate to say it, but I think my version is more complex and…[Read more]

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    @bluesqueakpip Untangling Scotland from the UK basically means parting from one country (no offence meant towards Wales or Northern Ireland – but you know what I mean). Untangling from the EU means splitting from 27 countries (or is it 26, I lose count?)

    Anyway, one seems much easier than the other.

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    It will affect me loads, and you loads. Untangling ourselves from the EU is proving a nightmare after a mere forty odd years; how do you think untangling Scotland and rUK is going to be after three hundred?

    The idea that anything would result in a life time of Tory government is unrealistic, frankly, because the UK pattern (in ALL the UK…[Read more]

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    Thanks for that @craig, yes that’s really interesting. I was convinced the Scottish vote made a big difference just because I’d heard it said so many times. I would add that I was joking and I don’t believe for a second there should be any onus on Scottish voters to take the English into consideration at the ballot box. In fact I think the idea is…[Read more]

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