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    I wasn’t expecting that! Yes, definitely good news. I feel a bit sad that we won’t get RTD working with Jodie’s Doctor, but nonetheless, worth raising a glass to!

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    @jimthefish YOu beat me too it Wow. I am excitted. Yes. Hope returns.

    (Just the news i needed… ((after end of term Friday night drinks))


    double cheers


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    @janetteb That Sherlock Holmes series is generally very well made. I don’t think they used any green screen – as I said, the Reichenbach Falls shot was a couple of stunties on wires, actually on location. And I don’t think they even did wire removal, just the wires were nearly invisible in front of the waterfall.

    The predecessor of green screen…[Read more]

  • @winston I must report that tonight Mrs Blenkinsop made a salmon dish with a sauce that included…maple syrup! I just thought I should let you know.

    I should also add that this evening we sat in the sunroom as the light faded and the sky had this lovely pinkish hue. It may be because we are close to the ocean, but the only place I have ever seen…[Read more]

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    Wow a couple of days of not checking and there is soo much to catch up on. 🙂 I had to make notes.

    to start with I am references posts from prior to my last post. I think I was either rushed or tired then. so, to my notes,

    @Dentarthurdent I fondly remember watching the old Sherlock series. I think Green Screen was either pioneered by the Star…[Read more]

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    @blenkinsopthebrave. Those were indeed the days. We have “Save the Franklin” posters up on the walls of the room in London we were living in for a time. There was so much optimism then. It was not a bad time to be young. It makes me sad when I compare those days and the possibilites we had to what life has to offer the young now.



  • Thanks @winston, @janetteB, @dentarthurdent

    @janetteB,  A prime minister who had won a beer drinking contest in Oxford. Let’s face it, they were the days. It wasn’t just beer and skittles, it was beer and leadership. Particularly compared to the current incumbent, who offers prayers and no leadership.

    @dentarthurdent, Yes, I too get to retain…[Read more]

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    @blenkinsopthebrave    Congrats newbie Canadian.  You are now an official Canuckle head eh! You can now swill some maple syrup, wear red plaid and eat all the poutine you want. I am seriously happy for you.

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    And as a P.S. –  yes we know that all Rassilon really had to do in Hell Bent was shoot the Doctor fatally and then shoot him again while he was regenerating.   (And that would presumably be that, regardless of whether the Doc had a counter in his DNA, or whether the Gallifrey ‘mainframe’ enabled regenerations).   So presumably he was just bein…[Read more]

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    Yes but…  (as they say)

    The numbering you have given may be technically correct.    Though (as always among geeks) one could quibble.    Does the regen from McGann 8 to the War Doctor count, since it was considerably modified by the Sisterhood of Karn?

    This raises the question of how the regenerations were kept track of.  …[Read more]

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    @dentarthurdent what you have to remember is that before  the  Timeless Child reveal and after the War Doctor reveal Capaldi can actually be considered Doctor 2.1 with the sequence actually  being

    HartnellDoc 1.1, TroughtonDoc  1.2, PertweeDoc 1.3, T BakerDoc 1.4, DavidsonDoc 1.5, C BakerDoc 1.6, McCoyDoc 1.7, McGannDoc 1.8, HurtDoc 1.9, Ecc…[Read more]

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    ah yes, thanks! Now it all makes sense. Well but is really confused me back then.

    But you reminded me of the timeless child and I want to ask you all if someone else thinks that this was kind of rushed. Other reveals where build up over many series like the face of boe or river song. The timeless child story kind of came out of…[Read more]

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    @aidan    The 7th Doctor was Sylvester McCoy, the last of OldWho.

    He regenerated into the 8th, Paul McGann, in the Doctor Who movie.

    McGann regenerated into the War Doctor John Hurt in ‘The Night of the Doctor’, a short that preceded the 50th ‘Day of the Doctor’.   The War Doctor was effectively not counted, subsequent Doctors never ackn…[Read more]

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    I loved that episode too. But I had some problems with that Episode, because I really didn’t get who the “Doctor of War” is. I don’t get it because the Wiki stats that the Doctor of War is the ninth doctor but didn’t the ninth regenerate when he was “young”.

    Who is the Doctor of War?

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    @blenkinsopthebrave Congrats on becoming a bona fide Canadian and just in time too. I recall the first time I voted. I was in Dublin and went to the Australian embassy to vote. (they used to do that kind of thing back then. Sadly a service no longer on offer.) Next day I was hitching around Ireland and continually told that Australia had a new P.M…[Read more]

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    Well, I just re-watched The Day of the Doctor, for about the fifth time, and it’s as good and entertaining as ever. Liberally sprinkled with little easter eggs for the fans, but none of them are obtrusive or forced.

    The interplay between the three doctors is a joy to see. For example their competition in screwdriver sizes (“Compensating?”) or the…[Read more]

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    @blenkinsopthebrave    Congratulations on your citizenship!

    I’m a Pom (English), but I have dual nationality (NZ citizen as well).   For a couple of decades I was basically an immigrant with ‘permanent resident’ status (or whatever it was called), but then the Prime Minister of the day, Muldoon (think mini-Putin), started getting all nati…[Read more]

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    @blenkinsopthebrave    Thanks!

    @winston    You’re right about the forums being a rabbit hole  (of course Youtube is the most famous rabbit hole but there are many on the Internet).   (Where’d that phrase come from? – Alice in Wonderland I think).

    Dalek – not only showed the Doctor in a darker light, but wasn’t that the first time Rose seriousl…[Read more]

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    @oochillyo   It’s unfortunate your friend got attached to Billy Shipton.   Doctor Who has a knack (and particularly RTD and the Moff) of inventing secondary characters who are much more sympathetic and engaging than just-another-extra-to-support-the-plot.   And generally they’re well cast.  So you do care about them enough to be interested in wha…[Read more]

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