Crazy Captions 18


  1. “What do you mean we still need him to shoot the Christmas Special? Oh. Regeneration scene. Yeah. Do we still have that Colin Baker wig in the cupboard?”

  2. Iiiiiiiiiiiittttt-iissssssssssssssssss-dddoonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnne

    hissed the Zygon.

    oops, meant to say Spoilers for the 50th.

  3. ‘So I started crying… weeping like a baby… and I said to him, I said, ”If I can’t have you, nobody can!!!”. And then I got so bloody angry that I inflicted my Venusian-Death-Pinch on him… and that was that…..! What the Hell are we going to do?!?’

  4. Moffat:
    “Yes, celery. No, I’m not sure why, but he keeps mumbling he needs celery.
    No…. no, I’m not sure if Americans call it something different….. no, no, he’s not glowing yet, so we have time, but I need celery. Where the hell am I gonna get any celery???!!??”

    “A Bloody Mary???!!! Of course!

    Mark – you’re a genius, thanks.

    well……. yes….. yes.. ok, i’ll get you one too.”

  5. ‘The view from down here’d be more interesting if Moff was wearing a skirt’.

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